Absalom One Piece: The Invisible Man of Thriller Bark and a Famous Reporter

Absalom was a member of the Thriller Bark Pirates, a crew of zombies led by the Warlord of the Sea, Gekko Moria. He was one of the Mysterious Four, the elite officers of the crew, along with Moria, Dr. Hogback, and Perona. He was also the leader of the Zombie Soldiers and Zombie Generals, who served as the main fighting force of Thriller Bark.

What Did Absalom Look Like and What Was His Personality Like?

Absalom had a bizarre appearance, as he was a human with various animal parts surgically implanted onto his body by Dr. Hogback. He had a lion’s face, an elephant’s skin, and the muscles of bears and gorillas.

He also wore a white hat, a coat, a shirt with crosses, and a pair of bazookas on his arms. He was tall and heavy, measuring 195 cm and weighing 300 kg. Absalom was a perverted and lustful man, who used his Devil Fruit power to turn invisible and spy on women.

He had a particular obsession with Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, and attempted to marry her by force. He also habitually made fun of other people’s appearances, such as calling Brook a skeleton and Sanji a curly eyebrow. He had a unique laugh that sounded like a growl: “Garurururu”.

What Were Absalom’s Abilities and Powers?

Absalom had consumed the Devil Fruit known as the Suke Suke no Mi (Clear-Clear Fruit), a Paramecia species, which enabled him to become invisible and put anything he touched into a transparent state. He used this power to conceal his presence, weapons, and attacks.

He also used it to sneak into places and spy on people. Absalom was also physically strong and durable, thanks to the animal parts that Dr. Hogback had given him. He could withstand powerful blows from Sanji and Franky and fire explosives from his bazookas.

He was also skilled in commanding his zombie army and had authority over them. Absalom had a variety of abilities and powers that made him a formidable opponent and a cunning spy. Some of his abilities and powers were:

Absalom Physical Abilities

Dr. Hogback has enhanced Absalom’s physique with animal components, including elephant skin, lion jaws, and muscles that are a cross between bear and gorilla. He has superhuman strength, evidenced by his ability to carry a bazooka on each arm without showing any stress.

Nami noticed his power as he restrained her and lifted her off the ground with one arm while making little evident effort. Absalom is also remarkably tough thanks to Hogback’s alterations to his body; he survived Nami’s electrical strike with only minor injuries while mistaking it for the emotion of love.

Absalom believes Sanji’s kicks need to be highly potent to hurt him. He also has incredible stamina, as seen by the fact that he could stand up and abduct Nami after being severely injured by Sanji’s violent kicks. Nami’s massive electrical strike that followed that knocked him out for good.

Absalom Devil Fruit

Absalom had consumed a Devil Fruit of the Paramecia species, so he and anything he touched became invisible. He used this power to conceal his presence, weapons, and attacks. He also used it to sneak into places and spy on people, especially women.

He had a particular obsession with Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, and attempted to marry her by force. His invisibility also helped his career as a reporter under the alias Absa, as he could infiltrate various locations and gather information.

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Absalom carried two bazookas in his arms, which he could use to fire powerful laser beams that could instantly knock out his targets. He could also turn his bazookas invisible with his Devil Fruit power, making them harder to dodge or block.

He also had a camera that could take pictures of invisible things, which he used to capture the war events at Marineford and sell them to newspapers.

These were some of the abilities and powers that Absalom possessed. He was a dangerous and perverted man who used his powers selfishly. However, he met his end when he was killed by Shiryu, one of the Blackbeard Pirates, who took his Devil Fruit power for himself.

What Was the History of Absalom?


Absalom was originally from West Blue, where he lived as a poor and starving child. He dreamed of becoming invisible and escaping from his harsh reality. One day, he found the Suke Suke no Mi in a trash heap and ate it, gaining his invisibility power. He then left his home and joined Gekko Moria’s crew.

Moria deserves immense credit for his steadfast refusal to join Teach even after the loss of Absalom:

Thriller Bark Saga

Absalom first appeared on Thriller Bark, where he welcomed Moria’s new guests: the Straw Hat Pirates. He then spied on Nami while she was bathing in a room, and fell in love with her at first sight. He decided to make her his bride and kidnapped her while she was sleeping.

He then took her to the wedding chapel on Thriller Bark, where he prepared to marry her in front of his zombie army. However, he was interrupted by Sanji, who came to rescue Nami. Absalom fought against Sanji, using his invisibility to gain an advantage.

However, Sanji managed to see through his movements using his sense of smell and hearing. Sanji then defeated Absalom with a powerful kick to his face. Absalom later recovered from his injuries and went to the Mast Mansion, where he witnessed Moria using his Shadow Asgard technique to fight against Luffy.

He tried to help Moria by firing his bazookas at Luffy, but he missed and hit Oars instead. He then saw Perona being attacked by Kuma, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who had come to Thriller Bark on orders from the World Government.

Absalom tried to save Perona by turning her invisible and carrying her away from Kuma. However, Kuma used his Paw-Paw Fruit power to repel Absalom’s attack and send him flying away with tremendous force.

Summit War Saga

Absalom survived Kuma’s attack and landed on an unknown island. He then disguised himself as a reporter named Absa (アブサ) and used his invisibility power to infiltrate various places and gather information. He also acquired a camera that could take pictures of invisible things.

He then went to Marineford, where he witnessed the war between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates. He took pictures of the events there, such as Ace’s execution, Whitebeard’s death, Blackbeard’s arrival, Shanks’ intervention, and Luffy’s escape. He then sold his pictures and articles to various newspapers worldwide, earning fame and money as a journalist.

Dressrosa Saga

Absalom continued his career as Absa and went to Dressrosa to cover the events there. He took pictures of Doflamingo’s defeat by Luffy, the revelation of Luffy’s alliance with Law and their plan to take down Kaido, the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, and the arrival of the Marines led by Fujitora.

He also reunited with Perona, who had been sent to Kuraigana Island by Kuma two years ago. He told her that Moria was still alive and that he had escaped from Marineford with the help of his zombies.

He then asked Perona to join him in his travels, but she refused, saying that she wanted to stay with Mihawk, the greatest swordsman in the world who lived on the island.

Wano Country Saga

Absalom later went to Wano Country, where he tried to spy on the women’s bathhouse. However, he was caught by Shiryu, one of the Blackbeard Pirates who had also come to Wano. Shiryu killed Absalom and took his Suke Suke no Mi, eating it and gaining his invisibility power.

He then used Absalom’s corpse as a disguise to trick Moria, who had also come to Wano to look for Absalom. Moria was shocked and enraged when he saw Absalom’s body and attacked Shiryu.

However, he was overwhelmed by the Blackbeard Pirates, who wanted to recruit him into their crew. Moria refused to join them and fought against them with his zombie army.

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