Akuma Kun Anime Release Date: The Anime is Set to be Release on Netflix

As the countdown to the launch of the Akuma Kun anime series on Netflix nears its ten-day mark, the franchise behind the show has begun releasing daily videos in anticipation of the premiere. On November 9, Netflix will presumably release the first episode of the series. Do you plan on watching the launch of the new season? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Here comes the exciting part! Watch the first official countdown video below! In the first video, a little scene from the anime is shown along with the release date (October 10 for those who are curious but don’t want to view the clip). Don’t miss this!

Find out more about the new anime series on Netflix in the passages that follow. Netflix provides a summary of the show’s plot:

The GeGeGe no Kitaro manga by Shigeru Mizuki serves as the inspiration for the Akuma Kun anime by Encourage Films, directed by Junichi Sato and Fumitoshi Oizaki. The first anime based on the manga was directed by Sato in 1989. The protagonist of the new series is Ichir Umoregi, better known by his nickname Akuma-kun, who is said to be a genius who appears once every 10,000 years to bring peace to the world.

Learn more about the key players in the making of the anime series below:

  • Character design, chief animation director: Hide Shibuya
  • Art director: Yumiko Kuga
  • Color design: Kunio Tsujita
  • Director of photography: Takeo Ogiwara
  • Magical circle design: Wataru Osakabe
  • Music: Akio Izutsu
  • Sana Kazama voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi
  • Mio voiced by Yumiri Hanamori
  • Gremory voiced by Fairouz Ai
  • Hina Asanagi voiced by Yukiyo Fujii

For the latest sneak peek at the Akuma Kun anime, check out the trailer below:

When the Netflix anime series Akuma Kun finally premieres, what are your opinions on it? On November 9, it will launch, will you be watching? Post your answer and any other ideas or comments you have below!

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