Astro Note Anime Release Date Announced by Crunchyroll at Comic Con Experience

Comic-Con Experience was the site of the exciting announcement of Astro Note, a new science fiction comedic anime. The anime was revealed by Crunchyroll, and now they are preparing to show it worldwide. The anime will have its world premiere in several different locations, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Central America.

Among the outstanding actors in the anime are Sōma Saitō (Takani Miyasaki) and Maaya Uchida (Mira Gotokuji). In addition, the highly esteemed Shinji Takamatsu, known for his directing chops in films like “Gintama” and “School Rumble,” is in charge of this animated series. In addition to Takamatsu, Haruki Kasugamori will be directing at Telecom Animation Film. “The Royal Tutor” and “Super Shiro” author Kimiko Ueno is responsible for the scriptwriting.

Astro Note Anime Release Date

Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime after its debut in April 2024. Therefore, it provides the following description of the anime:

Takumi, a talented chef, was just fired. After realizing he must also reside there full-time, he hesitates to take a position at Astro-sou, an old boarding home. That is, until he meets Mira, the lovely and charismatic nanny, and she completely changes his mind. Their bond grows stronger as they start working together. However, Mira is hiding something from everyone: she isn’t a human!

Eisaku Kubonouchi creates the visual fabric of the anime, while Maho Aoki does a fantastic job of turning these ideas into animation. Additionally, the artistic perspective of art director Reiji Kasuga enhances the craftsmanship. At long last, the head of music composition at Lantis is Kōhei Munemoto.

This anime is a thrilling addition to Crunchyroll’s varied collection and represents their venture into the world of original entertainment. Plus, there’s talk of a compelling plot, humor, and science fiction in the anime. It would appear that anime fans are in for a real treat with that!

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