Berserk Manga to Make Special Reveal on September 29

Exciting news awaits Berserk manga fans this September! Get ready for a special announcement alongside the release of volume 42 of the epic series. You know, Berserk, the masterpiece by the late Kentaro Miura that’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for fans.

Now, let’s talk about delays. Yeah, they’ve been a pain in the you-know-where. Studio Gaga and writer Kouji Mori have taken the reins after Miura’s passing, but the series has still been plagued by those pesky delays. And honestly, it’s been kind of frustrating for all the die-hard fans out there.

Mark your calendars because the big announcement is scheduled for September 29. Yep, that’s the day when volume 42 drops and the big news hits. But hey, before we dive into the speculation zone, fair warning – spoilers ahead if you’re not up to date with the manga.

So, what’s the buzz? Well, rumor has it that some folks are crossing their fingers for a cancellation – yep, you read that right. The idea of Berserk getting axed would be a massive letdown for the community. We’re talking about Guts’ epic journey here, battling the odds, Griffith, and those creepy Godhand dudes. Imagine if all that’s left hanging in the air, unfinished.

Berserk Fans Await September Announcement

Do you know that on August 28, 2023, Date A Live season 5 released a slew of new character images, giving us a sneak glimpse at what’s to come? Since they first announced this season more than a year ago, we are now finally receiving a taste of the action:

Hold on, though. There’s another camp that’s whispering about a shiny new anime. You know how fans have been longing for an adaptation that truly does justice to the original? But there’s a twist. Miura’s insanely intricate artwork has made adapting it a bit of a brain teaser for the creators. The struggle is real.

Now, speaking of the story, things have been heating up. Our guy Guts has been through the emotional wringer – major loss alert: Casca’s kidnapped, and the Elves’ turf gets wrecked by Griffith. Guts and his gang are down in the dumps, morale-wise, and he’s grappling with his inner Beast of Darkness. Poor dude’s stuck in a rut with no GPS to guide him.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – those delays. They sting, especially given the current state of the plot. The suspense is killing us – we’re itching to know the grand plan of the Godhand, what Griffith’s plotting with Falconia under his thumb, and seriously, what’s in store for Casca?

Bottom line, folks are still hooked, still excited. Even with all the waiting and wondering, the allure of those unsolved mysteries keeps fans on the edge of their seats. So, circle that September 29 date on your calendar and stay tuned for what could be a game-changing announcement for the Berserk universe.

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