Black Clover Episode 171: When Will It Come Out and What to Expect?

Black Clover is a popular anime series based on the manga of the same name by Yuki Tabata. The anime follows the adventures of Asta, a young boy who dreams of becoming the Wizard King, and his friends in the Clover Kingdom. The anime has been airing since 2017 and has adapted 170 episodes, covering the first 272 chapters of the manga.

However, fans of the series were left in suspense after episode 170, which ended with Asta completing the Devil-Binding Ritual and befriending his anti-magic devil, Liebe. The episode also revealed the identity of Asta’s mother, Licita, and how she died protecting Liebe from Lucifero, the strongest devil.

The episode concluded with Nacht, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, announcing that Asta and Liebe have to undergo a more brutal training regime in the next two days before they join the invasion of the Spade Kingdom. So, when will episode 171 come out, and what will it show? Here is everything we know so far.

Black Clover Episode 171 Release Date and Time

Unfortunately, episode 171 has not been announced yet, and episode 170 was the anime’s final episode for now. This is because the anime has caught up with the manga, and there are not enough chapters left to adapt without risking overtaking the source material.

Usually, a gap of 100 to 150 chapters is maintained between the manga and the anime to avoid filler episodes or hiatuses. According to some calculations, the anime has adapted about 1.6 chapters per episode on average, meaning it would need about two years to resume without running out of content.

The manga has 315 chapters published, meaning only 43 unadapted chapters are left. Considering that the manga author, Yuki Tabata, publishes about 40 to 45 chapters yearly, it would take him at least two more years to create enough material for another anime season.

Therefore, based on the information available, it seems likely that fans can expect episode 171 to be released sometime between 2023 and 2024. However, this is not an official confirmation and may change depending on various factors.

On a positive note, an anime movie has been announced for Black Clover, which might bridge the current arc and the next one. The movie is expected to be an original story that will not affect the continuity of the manga or the anime. The movie’s release date and plot details have not been revealed yet, but fans can look forward to more updates in the future.

What Can We Expect From Black Clover Episode 171?

Episode 171 will resume with the Spade Kingdom Invasion arc, one of the manga’s most exciting and action-packed arcs. The arc features a massive war between the Clover Kingdom, the Heart Kingdom, and their allies against the Spade Kingdom and its dark forces.

The Spade Kingdom is ruled by three powerful mages known as the Dark Triad: Dante, Vanica, and Zenon. They have formed an alliance with devils from another world and plan to open a portal to unleash them upon humanity.

The arc will show Asta and Liebe’s combined form resulting from mutual trust and cooperation. Asta can use his anti-magic more effectively and unleash new abilities with Liebe’s help. They will face off against some of the strongest devils, such as Lucifero and Megicula.

The arc will also showcase epic battles between other characters, such as Yuno vs Zenon, Noelle vs Vanica, Nacht vs Dante, and many more. Fans can expect significant twists and revelations along the way, as well as tragic losses and sacrifices.

The Spade Kingdom Invasion arc is still ongoing in the manga and has not reached its climax yet. Therefore, fans who want to know what happens next can read the manga online on Viz Media or Manga Plus.

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What Will Happen in Episode 171 and Beyond?

Episode 171 will resume with the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, one of the manga’s most exciting and intense arcs. The arc features a massive war between the Clover Kingdom, the Heart Kingdom, and their allies against the Spade Kingdom and its Dark Triad leaders, who powerful devils possess.

The arc also reveals more about Asta’s origins, his connection to Liebe, his anti-magic devil, and his mother, Licita. Episode 171 will show us how Asta and Liebe have completed their Devil-Binding Ritual and have become allies instead of enemies.

They will also undergo a brutal training regime under Nacht, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls who can use four devils at once. Nacht will also devise a detailed plan to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and stop their ritual of opening the Tree of Qliphoth, unleashing countless devils into the world.

The arc will also showcase some epic battles between the Magic Knights and their rivals from the Spade Kingdom, such as Yuno vs Zenon, Noelle vs Vanica, Charlotte vs Rill, Luck vs Svenkin, and many more.

The arc will also introduce some new characters, such as Morris, a mad scientist who works for the Spade Kingdom; Nacht’s devils: Gimodelo, Plumede, Walgner, and Slotos; and some of the highest-ranking devils from the Underworld: Lucifero, Megicula and Zenon’s devil.

The arc is still ongoing in the manga, so there is no telling how it will end or what twists and turns it will have. However, one thing is sure: it will be a thrilling ride for all Black Clover fans eagerly waiting for episode 171 and beyond.


Black Clover Episode 171 is one of the most anticipated anime series episodes, but fans must wait long before watching it. The anime has gone on an indefinite hiatus due to catching up with the manga, and it might take two years or more for it to resume. However, fans can look forward to an anime movie that will be released in the meantime and follow the manga for more updates on the story.

Black Clover is a thrilling and entertaining anime series that has captivated millions of fans worldwide with its magic, action, and humor. We hope that the anime will return soon and continue to deliver more amazing episodes in the future.

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