A Glimpse Into The Future With Boruto Anime Timeskip Revealed

As fans of the anime, we’ve been waiting for the Boruto Anime Timeskip for the same amount of time. We can’t wait to see how this story and its characters will develop and what new challenges await them.

What Is The Timeskip In Boruto Anime?

Boruto anime timeskip is a time jump of four years in the story, and it’s a big moment in the show. After spending a lot of time training and perfecting their moves, Boruto and his buddies finally become shinobi.

Not only does this timeskip involve physical growth for your characters, but it also means they’ll be growing in terms of their skills and growing up. They’ll face new enemies, form new relationships, and learn new secrets as they go through their adventures as young ninjas.

Not only will we get to see Boruto grow up to be a stronger and more capable character, but we’ll also see how his friends grow up. We’ll get to see Sarada, Mitsuki, and other gang members go through their own journeys during this timeskip, making it even more interesting.

In Boruto, the timeskip is an important part of the series. It allows the characters to grow and overcome new challenges. The timeskip adds more depth to the story and keeps the reader engaged as they watch their favorite characters grow and change.

When Will Timeskip Happen In The Boruto Anime?

The timeskip has yet to happen in the Boruto anime. However, it is expected to happen August or September 2023. The timeskip will also bring forth new threats, allies, and mysteries that will keep us hooked to our screens. It’s a chance for the Boruto anime to explore uncharted territories and expand its universe, leaving fans hungry for more.

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What Will Happen In The Boruto Anime Timeskip?

During the timeskip, several major developments will take place in the Boruto world. The following are some of the most significant events that will take place:

  • First, Boruto and his companions will complete their training at the Ninja Academy
  • Second, Boruto will begin his training under the tutelage of the renowned ninja, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Third, Kawaki will be transported to Konohagakura
  • Fourth, the Kara organization will become increasingly active
  • Fifth, the conflict between konohagacure and the karo organization will continue to escalate.

Boruto Anime Timeskip

What Will The Characters Look Like After The Timeskip?

The Boruto anime characters will undergo a transformation after the time skip. These characters will be characterized by their age, maturity, and strength. The following key character designs have been unveiled for the Boruto anime timeskip:

  • Boruto will have a more mature appearance. He will also have a new headband and a new sword.
  • Sarada will have grown taller and will have longer hair. She will also be wearing a new outfit.
  • Mitsuki will have a more snake-like appearance. He will also be wearing a new outfit.
  • Kawaki will be a new character who is introduced in the timeskip. He is a cyborg who has been brought to Konohagakure by Naruto Uzumaki.

FAQs Related To Boruto Anime Timeskip

Did Timeskip Happen In Boruto Anime?

The timeskip in the Boruto manga is currently in progress. The manga is currently in chapter 80 and is expected to reach the timeskip by the end of 2023.

Who Will Train Boruto During The Timeskip?

It’s pretty clear that Boruto will get lessons from Sasuke during the timeskip and learn skills that will help him progress as a shinobi. The other group we need to keep an eye on is Sarada’s. We don’t know who will be training Sarada during this timeskip.

Will Boruto Take Sasuke’s Eyes?

It’s important to remember that Boruto didn’t stab Sasuke in the eyes intentionally, but when Momoshiki possessed him. When someone like Sasuke loses his Rinnegan, it affects the entire Shinobi world because he is the shadow Hokage.

Is Boruto Wearing Sasuke’s Cloak?

In the prologue, Boruto Uzumaki wears the same clothes as Sasuke. He wears the same cape that Sasuke has worn since the beginning of Boruto, his headband, and his Kusanagi Sword, which brings up an interesting question: Where is Sasuke Uchiha in the timeskip?


The Boruto Anime timeskip is one of the most important episodes of the series, and fans can’t wait to see how it plays out. The timeskip will bring a lot of changes in the characters, story, and world of Boruto, and it’s sure to be one of the most exciting and dramatic episodes of the season.

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