Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers: Unveiling Adult Kawaki and the Unpredictable Twists

The anticipation surrounding the return of Boruto manga after a four-month hiatus has reached fever pitch. Set to make its digital debut on August 20, 2023, with the new story arc titled “Two Blue Vortex,” fans have been abuzz with excitement, fueled by early spoilers leaked by reputable sources on social media.

Boruto’s hiatus might have been a test of patience for fans, but the upcoming release promises to introduce a new era in the manga that has left everyone on tenterhooks. The previous part concluded with a riveting cliffhanger, depicting Boruto and Sasuke on the run from Konoha. With the impending release of Chapter 81, readers are anxiously awaiting the revelations that have been years in the making.

The saga opens with a captivating colored page showcasing Boruto’s transformed appearance, reflecting his growth into adulthood. The initial pages also offer a glimpse of Sarada’s upgraded version, maintaining her endearing charm while radiating an air of discontent. This enigmatic portrayal of Sarada triggers concern among her fans, as they ponder over the circumstances that might have led to her current emotional state.

Many fans of Boruto have shared their thoughts on the series’ visual changes after the time jump –

As the narrative unfolds, Shikamaru comes into focus, now donning the Hokage cape. He’s portrayed as a concerned figure, drawn into Sarada’s persistent conviction that Boruto is innocent and wrongly accused. Her determination to clear Boruto’s name mirrors her actions from four years prior when she rallied her father’s support to aid Boruto, showcasing her unwavering loyalty and conviction.

In a flashback to a pivotal event, it’s revealed that years ago, Kawaki manipulated events, framing Boruto for capturing Naruto and Hinata. The narrative takes a chilling turn as Kawaki is depicted entering the place where he’s been holding Naruto and Hinata captive. The eeriness of the setting is reminiscent of otherworldly confinement scenarios seen in works like Jujutsu Kaisen.

Sumire’s timeskip evolution is another intriguing facet that the upcoming chapter unveils. Meanwhile, Daemon and Eida retain their familiar appearances. Sumire and Sarada approach Eida, seeking a solution to swap Boruto and Kawaki’s positions. However, Eida’s cryptic response hints at the irrevocable nature of her spell, posing a challenge that even their resourcefulness may not overcome.

Grown-up Mitsuki’s lingering resentment towards Boruto surfaces, prompting Kawaki to reassure him of the consequences Boruto will face if he attempts to return to the village. The narrative briefly shifts to Himawari, who is shown engaging in rigorous training with her companion, Choco. Himawari’s steadfast belief in her brother’s inherent goodness serves as a testament to her unwavering faith in both Boruto and Naruto.

Abruptly, the scene transitions to Code and his cohorts launching a fierce attack on Konoha. Sarada’s fierce resistance against them showcases her tenacity, although the relentless onslaught of Code’s minions raises questions about the extent of their power. Code’s menacing presence takes center stage as he confronts Sarada, attempting to exploit her vulnerability. However, the unexpected entrance of Boruto disrupts Code’s plans, as Boruto fearlessly mocks his eerie demeanor.

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The momentum continues to surge as Kawaki learns of Boruto’s return, prompting him to swiftly confront his counterpart. The creators skillfully set the stage for yet another riveting showdown between Kawaki and Boruto, ensuring that the narrative remains gripping and action-packed.

In conclusion, the eagerly awaited return of the Boruto manga promises to usher in a new era filled with suspense, revelations, and the resurgence of familiar characters in strikingly transformed forms. The upcoming Chapter 81 holds the promise of unearthing answers to long-held questions while delivering heart-pounding confrontations that are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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