Community Anime Names Spidey 2’s Mj “First Fictional Character to Fail” a Famous Move

The community is in an uproar over the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teaser, which depicts MJ botching a classic anime bike maneuver.

‘Akira slide’ is a reference to a sequence in the 1998 anime where one of the main characters coolly stops his motorcycle by leaning backwards. The Akira slide stands out even among the many iconic visuals in the film; it has been referenced and remade in innumerable different media. If you’re going to have futuristic scenery and bike chases, you may as well pay tribute to the film.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 got the memo, as seen by a little clip from the moment appearing in the film’s most recent teaser.

See this as MJ tries to pull off the classic drift-and-stop but ends up face-first in the dirt as her front wheel comes off. In her fairness, it is physically impossible to complete the maneuver with one back wheel, and characters almost never fail the slide, but taken out of context, I find the clip to be rather humorous.

Meanwhile, support for slides has collapsed. AzuGleam made the joke on Twitter, “First fictional character to fail the Akira slide.” Several players commented that in the first game Mary-Jane’s objectives were “taking pictures with your phone,” but that the feats in the second game could only be pulled off by Tom Cruise.

Instead, discussions about the character’s recast role took place in other online communities. A Reddit user posed the question, “Using a motorbike to get away from symbiote-affected Peter? Yes, include me in the group. One ResetEra user joked, “Maybe somewhere around the end-game moments, swooping in with some gizmo to save it all.”

This would refer to the possibility that Michael Jordan will attempt to learn the slide again. A different viewer, though, had a darker interpretation: “That actually looks like she’s about to fall off the motorcycle not some bad-ass moment like the Akira Slide.”

The scene’s dramatic importance (and possible peril) is suggested by the ominous lighting, falling ceiling debris, and dead end.

Spider-Man 2 has just leaked online, showcasing boss battles, sequences, and various outfits, so enthusiastic fans should exercise caution in online settings. Warnings about pre-launch spoilers have also been published by developer Insomniac Games, which said, “We worked hard to craft a story packed with surprises.”

The release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is October 20, so there are just a few more days for us to sling about spoilers.

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