Crunchyroll Announces English Dub Casts and Staff for Shy and MF Ghost Anime

Both the Shy manga by Bukimi Miki and the MF Ghost manga by Shuuichi Shigeno had their English dub cast and staff announced by Crunchyroll on Friday and Saturday, respectively. On October 16, the first episode of the English dub of Shy will air.

Here’s the English voice cast:

  • Veronica Laux as Shy
  • Bryn Apprill as Iko
  • Natalie Rose as Spirit
  • Nazeeh Tarsha as Shrimpy
  • Molly Searcy as Unilord
  • Nia Celeste as Daigo

Included in the English dub cast are:

  • ADR Director: Helena Walstrom
  • ADR Producer: Samantha Herek
  • ADR Script Writer: Hayden Daviau
  • ADR Mixer: Gino Palencia
  • ADR Engineer: Derric Benavides

The animation first aired on TV Tokyo and other Japanese networks on October 2. The anime is being shown live on Crunchyroll.

The show is being directed by Masaomi And (Astra Lost in Space, Scum’s Wish, School-Live!) of studio 8-Bit (Blue Lock, Encouragement of Climb). Assistant Director Ksaku Taniguchi, Main Character Designer Yichi Tanaka, Composer Hinako Tsubakiyama, and Script Supervisor Yasuhiro Nakanishi.

Yen Press is publishing the manga in English, and their synopsis reads as follows:

Earth was on the brink of a third World War when super-powered individuals came forth from each country around the globe, ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of relative peace. Among those heroes, Japan is represented by a timid young girl known as “Shy.” She may spend more time worrying about her own shortcomings than she does battling villains, but she’ll show the world that despite it all she still has the heart of a hero!

After debuting in January 2017 as a one-shot manga in the Weekly Shnen Champion magazine, Miki has begun serializing Shy in the same magazine as of August 2019. On October 6th, the twenty-first volume of the manga’s collected works was released in Japan.

The English voice actors for the anime are:

  • Kieran Flitton as Kanata
  • Trisha Mellon as Ren
  • Larry Brantley as Ogata
  • Cory Phillips as Aiba
  • Chirs Gardner as Tanaka
  • Chris Cason as Joyu
  • Taylor Murphy as Wakana
  • Phil Parsons as Ren’s Dad
  • Kate Oxley as Mayuko
  • Nicholas Markgraf as Yamashita

In the English dub, we have:

  • ADR Director: Jonathan Rigg
  • ADR Producer: Samantha Herek
  • ADR Script Writer: Clayton Browning
  • ADR Mixer: James Baker
  • ADR Engineer: Jeremy Woods

On October 1st, Tokyo MX, BS11, and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting aired the first episode of the anime. As it airs in Japan, Crunchyroll is providing a livestream.

The animation was produced by Felix Film and directed by Tomohito Naka (Initial D Legend 2: Racer; Initial D Legend 3: Dream; Sword Gai: The Animation). Producer and co-writer of the series’ scripts is Kenichi Yamashita (Ketsuekigata-kun!, Actually, I Am…). Together with Chiyoko Sakamoto, Naoyuki Onda (Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, Psycho-Pass 3) is in charge of character design and animation.

3D animation is directed by Hiroki Uchida. Sound is being directed by Masafumi Mima, while music is being composed by Akio Dobashi (Initial D: Legend movie, Sisters of Wellber, Dance in the Vampire Bund). Both the opening and closing themes are performed by Y Serizawa: the former by performing “JUNGLE FIRE feat. MOTSU,” and the latter by Himika Akaneya performing “Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPm).”

The show is set in the future when self-driving automobiles are commonplace in Japan. The comic follows Kanata Livington, a Japanese race car driver who finishes at the top of his class in England and returns home. The MFG, a public road racing circuit, is also a major plot point in the show.

The MF Ghost manga was first published in September 2017 by Shigeno (Initial D) in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. On October 5th, shipments of the 18th collected volume to Japan were made. The manga is being released in English by Kodansha Comics and Comixology.

Due to Shigeno’s illness, the manga went on pause in November 2022 but resumed on February 20 of the following year. In April, the manga went on pause again, but in June, it began its “final battle.”

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