Dragon Ball Daima Release Date: What is Dragon Ball Daima Anime About?

Fans have been eager for additional details about the Dragon Ball Daima anime to be published since it was announced. Toei Animation Latin America’s Licensing Director Daniel Castaneda then went on to discuss the show’s premiere date and length of 20 episodes.

The next Dragon Ball anime series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, will take place in a timeframe not too far removed from the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. The anime series, an original production in honor of the franchise’s fortieth anniversary, has been scheduled for broadcast in the fall of 2024.

Dragon Ball Daima Release Date

Licensing Director for Toei Animation Latin America Daniel Castaneda has confirmed that a worldwide web release of the Dragon Ball Daima anime is planned for October 2024. In addition, he stated that 20 episodes of the anime have been planned, with a possible completion date of May 2023.

The Licensing Director also explained that when an anime debuts in Japan, it often takes another six months for the studio to start working on the dubbed episodes. This is because the dubbing process cannot begin until all 26 episodes have been produced. This time, though, things were supposed to be different, with the studio planning a simultaneous release of the anime in many territories.

In January 2025, once the anime has been released in both subtitled and dubbed versions throughout the world in October 2024, it will likely make its debut on free-to-air television.

Fans may learn more about the same at either Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 on January 26–28, 2024, or at the Los Angeles Convention Center at Jump Festa 2024 on December 16–17.

What is Dragon Ball Daima Anime About?

What is Dragon Ball Daima Anime About

The anime series Dragon Ball Daima will center on the events of the franchise after Goku and the company defeated Majin Buu. From the looks of the teaser, a sorcerer with ties to Babidi plans to ask the immortal dragon Shenron to transform Goku and his companions into infants. This request will weaken the cast, requiring Goku to once again resort to his power pole.

Goku and Supreme Kai have decided to link up and track down the magician throughout the galaxy so they can reclaim their natural bodies. During their hunt, they will encounter new threats and make new allies, all of whom will help them locate their prey.

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