Dragon Ball Magic Release Date: Who Wants Super to Continue Dislike Dragon Ball Magic?

While many fans were hoping for the revival of Dragon Ball Super, rumors have arisen indicating that the Dragon Ball web anime would be unveiled at New York Comic Con.

Dragon Ball is continuing with a new streaming series despite two movies being made after the end of the anime run of Dragon Ball Super and the manga carrying up the plot.

Fans of Dragon Ball GT will be excited to hear that Akira Toriyama will be involved in the adaptation of some of the ideas from that spin-off into the main series with the help of the ‘Magic’ series.

Dragon Ball Magic Release Date

If the leaks are to be believed, the first half of 2024 will see the premiere of the Dragon Ball Magic anime. The online anime series will produce 14 to 15 episodes, each of which will be roughly 30 to 40 minutes long.

Considering that the anime has been speculated to be a web series, it will not be broadcast on Fuji TV. In its place, rumors have it that the anime will soon be accessible elsewhere but on Crunchyroll.

Who Wants Super to Continue Dislike Dragon Ball Magic?

Who Wants Super to Continue Dislike Dragon Ball Magic

The leak suggests that the web anime would center on a scenario that occurs before the last chapter of the Dragon Ball Z canon. Both the Supreme Kai and Goku will be transformed into children at some point in the plot. So, in order to retrieve their bodies, the pair will travel around the galaxy in search of the monster responsible.

Throughout their adventure, they will visit many different worlds and face off against a wide variety of foes. There have been rumors that a large cast of new characters would be presented, with two of them aiding Supreme Kai and Goku. Besides, elder characters will also make their presence.

Considering the storyline, many viewers have begun drawing parallels to Dragon Ball GT. The Black Star Dragon Balls were used to transform Goku into a toddler in a non-canon sequel series. To retrieve the dragon balls, Goku, Pan, and Trunks then embarked on a galactic journey.

Fans suspect Toei Animation recycled the story for a new show because of the similarities. Fans, however, will have to hold tight until an official statement is made.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super would rather see it continue than Dragon Ball Magic.

Since Dragon Ball Super went on pause in 2018 following the conclusion of the epic Universal Tournament Saga, Dragon Ball Magic has come under heavy criticism from the anime fandom, which has been impatiently awaiting a new series.

The international success of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero demonstrated the fandom’s undying devotion to a well-presented Dragon Ball narrative, but it left fans hungry for more.

Recent chapters focusing on Trunks and Goten’s travels have been well received, despite the manga’s previous criticism for following a pattern in which Goku and Vegeta continuously discover and use new powers to rescue the world.

Confirmation of the Dragon Ball Z anime coming to the US!! Thus, many people were dissatisfied with the news of Dragon Ball Magic.

Perhaps if the idea of this online anime had been different, viewers’ reactions would have been far more positive. Leaks suggest that the new series will focus on what happens to Goku and Shin after the villain has them transformed into toddlers.

This story point is extremely similar to Dragon Ball GT where Goku was converted back into a toddler by Emperor Pilaf with the assistance of Ultimate Shenron.

Fans’ disappointment with Dragon Ball Magic is understandable, given their anticipation for a new anime series that brings the most recent events from the book to life on screen.

When fans find out that the franchise isn’t simply ignoring the anime, but is instead embracing a format that has already failed, they may lose trust in the series.

However, many viewers continue to anticipate the next online anime. But it’s still too soon to write off the show for good; it may turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

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