Does Eren End Up Dying in the Final of Attack on Titan?

Since its conclusion in 2021, “Attack on Titan,” Hajime Isayama’s brutal manga, has both thrilled and perplexed readers. The creator’s beliefs have made the series divisive, leading some to question whether or not it is a metaphor for fascism.

Stripped of its trappings, however, the series’ anti-war message becomes readily apparent. The manga and anime portray a corrupt military as Eren Jaeger (Yûki Kaji) goes through hell trying to avenge the death of his mother at the hands of a cannibalistic Titan. Even Eren, with his archetypal need for vengeance, ends up as the show’s primary nemesis.

The finale of “Attack on Titan” could have gone in only one direction, and that was with Eren’s death. After a time leap into his maturity, Eren utilizes his power to morph into the titular monster to create The Rumbling, which would basically destroy the whole planet.

Even if it is shown in the last episode that Eren was not motivated by evil, it is too late to save the genocide he has started. The anime’s protagonists have no choice but to kill their closest friends in order to finish the battle and stop the invasion of Titans. Eren, more than anyone else, realizes this, which is why he meets his end at the hands of Mikasa (Yui Ishikawa), his adoptive sister and girlfriend.

Eren Die In The Attack On Titan

Eren exhibits compassion in “Attack on Titan” by saying his ultimate goodbyes to his loved ones all at once. Eren’s final remarks to Mikasa are a wishful reflection on their potential happiness had they escaped together. But even in her ideal world, Mikasa knows something is wrong. She is determined to carry out her plan to murder her beloved. Eren tells her to put the past between them and move forward.

A little more light is shed on things during Eren’s farewell to Armin (Marina Inoue). Eren laments to his best buddy that the fates have already been decided against him and a future with Mikasa.

The only possible outcome was Eren bringing about the end of the world as we know it. If his friends are able to overcome him after he has slaughtered 80% of the people, then a new period of peace will begin. There is no second chance for Eren now.

He knows he has damaged and wronged too many people for his own good. Even if it costs him his life, all he cares about is seeing his companions safe and sound and seeing the Titan menace vanquished. Armin agrees with this assessment, saying that they will meet again in hell because they are both to blame for the conflict. The term “bittersweet ending” was used to describe this outcome. The ending of “Attack on Titan” was always tragic, and Eren’s death was inevitable.

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