The Preview for Episode 6 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Has Been Released

Frieren: At the End of the Path TV anime has unveiled the episode 6 teaser photos and trailer. The next episode launches on Friday, October 13 on Crunchyroll, Bilibili Global, Muse Asia, and Netflix. Synopsis from the anime’s official website, which details the next episode titled “The Hero of the Village”:

Stark is praised as a hero for protecting a village from the Red Mirror Dragon, but actually, he is a coward. Nevertheless, Frieren, who sees his ability, calls on him to join her in defeating the dragon. Stark is powerful enough to cut through large rocks, but his hands never stop shaking. Will he really appear on the battlefield?

Keiichirou Saito (Bocchi the Rock!) is in charge of animation for the series at Studio Madhouse (A Place Further Than The Universe). The story was written by Tomohiro Suzuki (One Punch Man), the soundtrack was composed by Evan Call (Violet Evergarden), and the character designs were created by Reiko Nagasawa (takt op. Destiny).

Both the opening theme song “Yuusha” by YOASOBI and the closing theme song “Anytime Anywhere” by Milet are performed by different artists. Frieren is voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, with supporting roles played by Kana Ichinose, Chiaki Kobayashi, and Stark.

The narrative is described as follows on Crunchyroll, where the anime can be viewed online:

After the party of heroes defeated the Demon King, they restored peace to the land and returned to lives of solitude. Generations pass, and the elven mage Frieren comes face to face with humanity’s mortality. She takes on a new apprentice and promises to fulfill old friends’ dying wishes. Can an elven mind make peace with the nature of life and death? Frieren embarks on her quest to find out.

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