Opening Theme Song for Goblin Slayer II Unveiled in Latest Preview

Goblin Slayer II, the eagerly awaited sequel to the popular anime series, has unveiled a new promotional video that previews the show’s opening theme music.

Fans were given a brief glimpse of various characters and their voice actors in a 90-second video posted on the official website.

The trailer for Goblin Slayer II features some characters who did not appear in the first season. Devotees of Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatasuki’s original light novel series will be delighted to hear that this forthcoming anime is set to continue the television adaptation of their beloved work.

Despite ongoing controversies surrounding the franchise, Goblin Slayer II has become one of this year’s most hotly anticipated releases. It’s clear that fans of the anime are eager to see how things progress for its central protagonist and his comrades.

Goblin Slayer II Release Date

October 6th marks the world premiere of Goblin Slayer II in Japan. Streaming options for international audiences will also be made available.

As previously mentioned, the most recent promotional video for the sequel to Goblin Slayer anime presented and offered an exclusive glimpse at the opening theme song of the new series. According to the video, the opening theme song titled “Entertainment” will be sung by Mili. Earlier it was confirmed that Yuki Nakashima would be performing the ending theme song for this season, which is called “Kasumi no Muko e,” meaning “To the Other Side of the Mist.”

The show is slated to air on Friday, October 6th, 2023 on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and BS11 networks in Japan. Furthermore, Sun TV will broadcast it at a later time. Meanwhile, streaming platform ABEMA is set to stream it a few hours before it airs on Japanese television. International streaming platform Crunchyroll has also declared its intention to stream this series globally as soon as it premieres in Japan.

Misato Takda has taken over directing duties for this season at LIDEN FILMS instead of WHITE FOX who handled direction for its predecessor. Meanwhile, Takaharu Ozaki who directed season one will now supervise direction for this season. Hideyuki Kurata returns as head writer for this instalment while Hiromi Kaot will shape up characters for this season.

The Cast of Goblin Slayer II

Returning members of the cast include Yuiichiro Umehara (who will reprise his role as Goblin Slayer), Yui Ogura (who returns as Priestess), Nao Toyama (taking on the role of High Elf Archer once again), and Yuki Iguchi (reprising her character as Cow Girl).

Maaya Uchida will also be back as Guild Girl, alongside Yuichi Nakamura who continues in the role of Dwarf Shaman. Tomokazu Sugita returns to the series as Lizard Priest, Yoko Hikasa takes on the part of Witch, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will once again play Spearman.

The first season of this show debuted in Japan back in October 2018, with Crunchyroll streaming it simultaneously with Japanese subtitles available and Funimation offering an English dubbed version concurrently. In exciting news, Crunchyroll has recently announced plans for an English dubbed version of season two as well.

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