Is Good Night World Returning for Season 2 on Netflix?

Some viewers of Netflix’s new anime version of Uru Okabe’s Good Night World are wondering if a second season is in the works. A second season is quite improbable at this point, although a prequel show might air in the future.

Based on the manga of the same name by Uru Okabe and publisher MangaONE, Good Night World is a Japanese Netflix Original Anime Series. Katsuya Kikuchi, who has mostly worked in animation but helmed The Royal Tutor Movie, is in charge of the series’ direction.

“Four miserable members of a dysfunctional household have no idea that they’ve formed a happy family unit in an immersive VR game with each other.”

Is Season 2 of Good Night World Going to Be Renewed on Netflix?

Good Night World has only been on Netflix for a few days as of this writing. It’s unusual for Netflix to renew a show before it ends airing, but sometimes they do. It may take a while (sometimes up to a few months) to find out if a show has been renewed.

Good Night World fans, however, will be devastated to learn that a new season of the anime is quite improbable. This is due to the fact that all 52 chapters from all five volumes of Uru Okabe’s manga have already been adapted into the anime.

What About the Phrase “Good Night, World End”?

If fans of Good Night World want to see more of the series, they’ll have to wait for the adaptation of the prequel manga, Good Night World End. In August of 2023, MangaONE began serializing the manga adaptation of Good Night, World End.

Mangadex has been used to provide the plot summary for Good Night End;

“Six years have passed since “Good Night World,” a story of a collapsed family connected in the cyber world, ended. Another story is about to begin.

The latest game “Planet,” in which avatars can be freely controlled in the metaverse.
Zero, a boy who is neglected at home.

Liz, a young girl who longs to become an adult and steps into the Planet.
And a boy, Kano, who connects Zero and Liz. Having no place to belong in the real world, they immersed themselves in a virtual world that spun a temporary bond and became “dependent” on it.

One day, however, the worst “incident” occurs.”

Good Night, World End has not yet been confirmed for an anime series adaptation. The manga has only recently started publication, therefore it may be some time before there is enough material for an anime adaptation.

Fans’ chances of seeing more seasons of Good Night World without the prequel are extremely low.

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