How Mayuri Trapped Zombie Toshiro in a Time Loop!

The Bleach TYBW (Thousand-Year Blood War) saga has kept fans on the edge of their seats with its intense battles and intricate plot twists. One such captivating moment was when the brilliant 12th Division Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, faced off against the zombified Toshiro Hitsugaya.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of how Mayuri administered a special medicine to Toshiro, plunging him into an eternal time loop. This revelation added a thrilling layer to the story, and we’ll explore how it all unfolded.

Mayuri’s Cunning Plan: Timeslip Drug Integration

Mayuri Kurotsuchi, renowned for his intellect and unique skills, always enters the battlefield with meticulous preparations. As we’ve seen in the Arrancar Saga, he even stores various drugs in his lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi’s body for emergency situations. So, it’s not surprising that he had a plan in place to counter the Quincies, especially Giselle’s zombification technique.

Mayuri’s masterstroke was integrating the “Timeslip” drug into the bodily fluids of his Arrancars. This ingenious move allowed him to use the drug when the need arose. But how did this drug find its way to Toshiro?

The Blood of Charlotte: Unintentional Delivery Method

In Bleach TYBW episode 23, Mayuri revealed his strategy. Toshiro Hitsugaya had engaged in a fierce battle with Arrancar Charlotte, ultimately defeating him. During the battle, it’s likely that some of Charlotte’s blood splattered onto Toshiro. Mayuri didn’t need to explain this to Toshiro directly; instead, he revealed it to other zombified captains, Kensei, Rojuro, and Rangiku.

This indirect method of administering the Timeslip drug showcased Mayuri’s cunning and his ability to think several steps ahead. Now that we understand how the drug reached Toshiro, let’s explore how it worked.

Mayuri Trapped Zombie Toshiro in a Time Loop!

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The Unique Effect of the Timeslip Drug

Mayuri’s Timeslip drug had a remarkable effect on Toshiro Hitsugaya. During the battle against the zombified Toshiro, Mayuri finally disclosed the drug’s mechanism. It granted the 10th Division Captain the extraordinary ability to peer into the past.

Here’s how it played out: when Toshiro reached a specific point in the battle, he would be transported back to a particular moment in timeā€”the critical moment being when he could potentially kill Mayuri. This meant that if Toshiro didn’t defeat Mayuri, his future would continue indefinitely.

This intriguing medication essentially ensnared Toshiro in a time loop. On the 10th loop, the side effects of the drug began to manifest. Toshiro lost his balance, providing Mayuri with the opportunity he needed to immobilize him using his Zanpakuto.

Mayuri’s Tactical Timing: A Twist in the Plot

What’s particularly fascinating is that Mayuri didn’t intervene when Toshiro brutally injured Yumichika and Ikkaku during the battle. His decisive action only followed when Toshiro slashed Charlotte. It’s highly likely that Arrancar blood inadvertently found its way onto Toshiro, serving as the conduit through which the Timeslip drug was administered.

In retrospect, Mayuri’s meticulous planning and unconventional tactics once again proved his prowess as a strategist. His ability to adapt and foresee the unpredictable nature of battle set the stage for this gripping revelation in Bleach TYBW.


The revelation of how Mayuri administered the special Timeslip medicine to the zombified Toshiro Hitsugaya in Bleach TYBW added a layer of complexity and excitement to the story. Mayuri’s cunning tactics, including integrating the drug into his Arrancars’ bodily fluids, showcased his strategic brilliance.

The drug’s unique effect, trapping Toshiro in a time loop, created an intense and captivating battle. Mayuri’s timing, waiting for the perfect moment to intervene, added a twist to the plot. As we delve deeper into the intricacies of the TYBW saga, it’s clear that Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s intellect knows no bounds, making him one of Bleach’s most enigmatic and fascinating characters.

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