How Old is Misty in Pokemon: What Happened to Misty’s Parents?

Brock, a Rock-type user, is well-known as the Gym Leader of Pewter City in the Pokémon series. However, Misty, the Water-type Gym Leader from Cerulean City, is also well-known. When she was defeated by Ash, she followed him on his journey across the Orange Islands and Johto.

Misty stopped going on adventures with Ash and Brock after they left Hoenn, but she made a few cameos in the anime and even went back to Alola with Brock. However, the age of this Gym Leader is still a common topic of conversation.

How Old is Misty in Pokemon?

It may come as a surprise, but Misty’s age in the anime has never been discussed in the English dub of the show or any other medium in which she has been featured, with the exception of the original Japanese version of the Pokémon anime.

Misty’s age of ten was established in the third episode of the anime, making her the same age as Ash. However, this was dropped from all subsequent media coverage. So, after the third episode, Misty is presumed to be 10 in all subsequent appearances, including her return to Alola.

Possible reasons for this include perpetual youth and delayed time, but because the anime never addresses these possibilities, we’re unlikely to get a satisfying answer.

Misty’s boisterous demeanor makes it hard to believe that she’s only ten years old, making her the same age as Ash. It’s also a bit of a mystery why, after her initial introduction, her age was never mentioned again. There’s undoubtedly an excellent explanation behind this, but until then, we can safely assume that Misty will always be 10 years old.

What Happened to Misty’s Parents?

What Happened to Misty's Parents

Misty’s four sisters are the only other family members introduced to the viewers. Like many other Pokémon trainers, it’s possible that both of her parents are out on their own Pokémon adventures and that she inherited the Cerulean gym from them.

When the pressure of being gym leaders became too much for their parents, they abandoned her and her sisters, as revealed in the manga version of the anime, Pocket Monsters: The Animation. It’s unclear if this manga is still considered canon to her plot given the various changes made to it for the anime adaptation.

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