How to Watch Attack on Titan? Is the Anime Streaming Now?

This weekend will see the release of the final episode of Attack on Titan. After the events of the last episode, the Scout Regiment has the monumental task of preventing Eren Jaeger and the Rumbling from wiping out what is left of humanity.

This post will tell you when you can watch the last episode of the horrific anime series, as well as what services you’ll need to subscribe to if you’re interested in doing so.

Starting at 5 PM Pacific Time on November 4th, the last episode of Attack on Titan will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. The climactic battle of the Scout Regiment, which will be broadcast in 200 countries, will have a massive audience and, if it follows the manga, will include major deaths that will rock the world of Attack on Titan.

The episode will be around ninety minutes long, making it the equivalent of a feature-length film and ensuring that all the exciting moments are included.

How to Watch Attack on Titan?

Anime lovers will be able to see what the grim future of anime looks like thanks to both Netflix and Hulu, where the final episode of Attack on Titan will be available.

No matter who emerges victorious from this ultimate battle, the world will never be the same, and a lot of people will be inconsolable. Eren Jaeger has gone too far and can never go back, leaving the Scout Regiment to pick up the pieces.

Hajime Isayama, who made the original, has been firm that he has no plans to make a sequel. Future tales may be hinted at in the director’s cut of the original last manga chapter, but they will be very different from what came before. Luckily, Isayama will have a new narrative appearing in 2024 as a part of an Attack on Titan artbook that will revisit the universe.

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