How to Watch Undead Unluck Anime? And A Twisted Tale of Unfortunate Duo

Despite only having three episodes released at the time of writing, the Undead Unluck anime has become one of the year’s most popular series. David Production has done an amazing job adapting Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga, and the dark comedy adventure of Fuuko and Andy has captured the imaginations of many.

Therefore, it’s not unexpected that a lot of people want to give the Undead Unluck anime a go, especially since it’s becoming quite popular on the market. Part of the series’ appeal is that it features a lovely and amusing combination of elements: Fuuko’s “bad luck” talents and Andy’s continual desire to die.

How to Watch Undead Unluck Anime?

Undead Unluck is presently airing on MBS and TBS for anyone in Japan who wishes to view the anime. These are two of the biggest anime channels in the Land of the Rising Sun, which should give you an idea of how popular the series is there.

However, Hulu is the greatest option for individuals who want to give the series a try but don’t have access to Japan. Outside of Japan, the anime is only available to view on that service, which is presently airing new episodes as they are produced.

A Twisted Tale of Unfortunate Duo

A Twisted Tale of Unfortunate Duo

Fuuko Izumo is a young woman who, after the death of her parents many years ago, has spent the most of her life on her own. The knowledge that she may bring misery to other people, and hence wreck their lives, has left her feeling hopeless to the point where she considers suicide.

Fuuko has a hard time making friends, so when she meets a zombie that can’t die, it’s a game changer. As the game unfolds, he adopts the name Andy and teams up with Fuuko in pursuit of the ideal death. This leads to several comedic and entertaining situations.

The two of them together are hilarious, what with Fuuko’s social anxiety and Andy’s near-suicidal tendencies.

The fact that Fuuko and Andy are just two unlucky people who make the most of their circumstances is the anime’s strongest selling point, albeit it’s far from the only one. Throughout the course of the show, they go from being targeted by a group called the Union that wants to eliminate them to being given a position within the Union itself.

This results in significant growth for Fuuko, as well as some memorable humorous situations and intense fights that showcase their maturation.

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