Important Story Told in New Crunchyroll Anime with Impressive Animation

Many are excited about the upcoming anime adaptation of Suu Morishita’s A Sign of Affection, set to premiere on Crunchyroll during the Winter 2024 anime season.

This comes during what many consider to be a Renaissance for shojo anime, with more titles than ever being picked up for adaptation and higher quality productions than fans have seen in years. Itsuomi Nagi, a fellow college student who has a passion for seeing the world and experiencing different cultures, helps Yuki Itose, a deaf student, achieve his goal of expanding his horizons.

On October 20, 2023, a brand-new teaser for A Sign of Affection was released, revealing the team behind the next anime and a special element that has long been anticipated by the original series’ fanbase.

The teaser reveals that Ajia-do has assembled a special team of animators to bring the series’ use of sign language to life on screen. Yuki and Itsuomi’s exchanges in the trailer, as well as those of some of the other major characters with Yuki, are beautiful examples of this.

Get Ready for ‘A Sign Of Affection’ in Winter 2024

As documented by Twitter user @Yuyucow in a tweet praising the effort put into A Sign of Affection, this exclusive animation team is made up of Ajia-do veterans, including the likes of Yoshiaki Yanagida (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Jin-Roh), Masaya Fujimori (Revenger, Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix), and Yuki Miyamoto (How NOT To Summon a Demon Lord, Doraemon Nobita no Takarajima).

Yuuta Murano, who helmed Kakushigoto and did episode storyboarding for Dragon Ball Super and Kamisama Kiss, will helm the anime.

Many manga and shojo fans have been signaling to the anime community that they expect the anime adaptation of A Sign of Affection to be supported and praised for the incredible amount of work that has gone into it.

Fans of shojo anime expect high-quality adaptations of series within the genre, and the positive response to the efforts being made to correctly animate the sign language shown in A Sign of Affection is evidence of this. With the recent popularity of titles like “My Happy Marriage” and “My Love Story With Yamada-kun at Lv.999,” it’s clear that there’s a need for superior shojo.

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