Naruto’s Superiority as Hokage Over Other Shinobi the Genuine Explanation!

Some websites wrote that there’s a Shinobi who is a better leader, or Hokage, than Naruto. I don’t get why people keep comparing these great characters.

After reading those articles, I felt upset. They said Naruto isn’t a good Hokage, which I disagree with. I want people to remember that we’ve seen three Hokage alive simultaneously during Naruto’s leadership time. This had never happened before. We should appreciate that.

Leaving my feelings aside, I want to discuss the big question: Who is the better Hokage – Naruto or some other Shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village?  So, here are the Shinobi some websites think would be a better Hokage than Naruto.

  • Uchiha Obito
  • Might Guy
  • Uchiha Itachi
  • Uchiha Madara
  • Moegi
  • Jiraiya
  • Shikamaru

Reading these names upsets me. As a real anime fan, I understand these characters’ worth, sacrifices, personalities, and everything they’ve done for Konoha. So, let’s discuss whether these characters are indeed better than Naruto.

Uchiha Obito

Obito Uchiha holds a special place in my heart, indeed. He’s one of my favorite characters because his life was full of hardship, and despite his sincere desire to protect, he couldn’t safeguard those he cared about. However, his sacrifices seemed to mean nothing when he attacked Konoha. I get it, pain can lead people to do terrible things, but to destroy his own home, to kill his mentor and his wife, is unthinkable.

He knew that Rin was in front of Kakashi during their fight – it wasn’t Kakashi’s fault that Rin died. Still, Obito made Kakashi suffer, and even as someone who loves Obito’s character, I can’t overlook this dark side of him. What he did was wrong. If Obito is considered a better Hokage than Naruto, I don’t see why I should keep watching Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki faced hatred from the village; no one liked him. He didn’t even know his parents. Despite this, he stepped up and fought for them when the town needed him. So, there’s no reason to believe that Obito is a better Hokage than Naruto.

Might Guy

Might Guy, the epitome of hard work and determination, is an inspiring character in the Naruto series. Known for his intense dedication to physical training and a strong sense of duty, Guy embodies perseverance. His tireless efforts to overcome limitations serve as a reminder that one’s spirit can triumph over natural talent. He is a remarkable ninja and a mentor who guides others on the path of discipline and resilience.

Might Guy would undoubtedly make a good Hokage if chosen. However, he doesn’t seem to possess the same drive Naruto had to become Hokage. I’m not trying to compare them because I acknowledge that Might Guy is one of the most powerful Shinobi in Taijutsu. Therefore, he would do a commendable job if he were to become Hokage.

Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi, the beloved character of the anime world, undoubtedly possesses the qualities of an exceptional Hokage. His profound sacrifices are unmatched, altering the course of events significantly. Comparing him to Naruto is unnecessary, as both hold unique strengths.

Itachi’s capabilities are widely acknowledged, making him a deserving candidate for the Hokage position. To put it simply and sincerely, “I apologize Naruto, but Itachi is the one who truly deserves to be Hokage.”

Uchiha Madara

Madara might have played the bad guy, but let’s not forget that he’s also one of the founders of the Leaf Village. He even gave the village its name. Hashirama even wanted him to be the First Hokage. If that had happened, Madara might have brought peace and lots of growth to the village.

Madara’s idea of peace would have made the Leaf Village the top power in the ninja world. That means peace through power, fear, and control. Madara’s way might not have been right, but he was thinking of his village first. Every Hokage had to do that, and Madara had the power to make it happen.

However, he chose the wrong path, attempting to harm the village. A true Hokage would never do such things, leading me to believe that he cannot be a better Hokage than Naruto.


Moegi was once part of Konohamaru’s team, and just like him, she has grown up to become a skilled jonin, capable of leading her own team now. The First Hokage is highly respected for his incredible strength, mainly because of his unique ability to use Wood Release.

Wood Release is extremely rare, and only a few shinobi have ever been able to harness its power. Moegi is one of those rare users. If she can fully master Wood Release, she will be able to protect the Leaf Village from potential Tailed Beast attacks. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of significant damage to the village, she can employ Wood Release to rebuild and restore what was lost.

However, having these abilities alone doesn’t justify making her a Hokage. If that were the case, Yamato could also be considered deserving of becoming a Hokage because he can use Wood Style too. In my opinion, Moegi doesn’t seem like a good or better candidate for Hokage compared to Naruto.

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Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin and my favorite mentor, was known as the “Pervy Sage.” Many of us believe he deserved to be Hokage, but he repeatedly rejected the offer. Instead, he supported others like Tsunade to take on the role.

He would have made a great Hokage because of his immense power and understanding of human nature. He was a legendary Sannin and a seasoned warrior, having fought in numerous wars and successfully completed countless important missions.


Shikamaru is one of Naruto’s closest friends, and he’s known for being incredibly powerful and having the highest IQ in Konoha. He’s the smartest person in the village, but he’s not as strong as Naruto regarding battle strength.

Shikamaru might seem like a better Hokage candidate than Naruto if we only consider intelligence. However, when we look at overall power and performance, Naruto surpasses Shikamaru. So, Naruto is the better Hokage, while Shikamaru remains the best personal adviser to him.

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As fans of Naruto, we can all agree that Itachi is an exceptional shinobi, and his name holds great respect. But we believe Naruto takes the crown when it comes to who would be the better Hokage among these shinobi. The things he has accomplished are unparalleled, even surpassing the achievements of the First Hokage.

So, we wholeheartedly support Naruto as the best Hokage. As we bid farewell, we look forward to meeting again in the next article. If you have anything, please share it in the comments or follow us on our Twitter page.

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