Is the Boondocks an Anime: Debunking the Myth Surrounding The Boondocks

The Boondocks’ stint on Adult Swim was brief, concluding after 55 episodes. However, the fact that repeats are being shown on Adult Swim attests to the show’s continued popularity and significance. The subject of whether or not The Boondocks is actually an anime has been a source of heated dispute among the show’s fans and anime purists for years.

Is the Boondocks an Anime

The Boondocks Anime or Not

What anime means to different people will vary widely if you ask any cartoon lover. However, we’ve concluded that The Boondocks is unquestionably an anime using Twinfinite’s definition of what constitutes an anime.

The battle sequences in The Boondocks are reminiscent of programs like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Naruto, despite the show’s location in a suburban neighborhood.

The Boondocks have the gait and the dialogue of an anime. It’s an homage to the genre, but it stars an all-black cast. It seems capricious to rule out the program as anime-only due to its setting.

Since the entire concept of The Boondocks, from the comic strip to the program, was to evoke the style of anime, we would contend that it is, in fact, an anime.

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