Is Yamato a Transgender in One Piece and What Are Yamato’s Pronouns?

Can you tell me if Yamato from One Piece is transgender and which pronouns he uses? The Wano Country Arc features Yamato, among other notable characters. Many are questioning Yamato’s gender identity because of his desire to assume the identity of Oden Kozuki. Yamato has a guide available here.

Is Yamato a Transgender in One Piece?

Some One Piece fans identify as transgender and support Yamato’s transition. In any case, author Eiichiro Oda has remained mum on the subject of Yamato’s gender identity.

Many parts of the plot lead viewers to think of Yamato as transgender. For some reason, Yamato identifies as a man since he aspires to be Oden Kozuki. The title “Oni Princess” did not apply to Yamato as an adult, although it did when he was a youngster. Even now that he’s an adult, Yamato calls himself “son of Kaido.” This is also followed by Kaido and his gang. Throughout the manga and anime, we witness Kaido repeatedly addressing him as “son.”

The Straw Hats and their other comrades visited the men’s part of the bathhouse in Episode 1079 of the anime (Chapter 1052 in the manga), while Yamato was in there as well.

Yamato has a nickname from Luffy that is comparable to Law’s (Tora-o). Luffy refers to Yamato as “Yama-o,” a name that contains the kanji character for “man” in Japanese. A “-guy” is used as an equivalent in the official translations.

What Are Yamato’s Pronouns?

What Are Yamato’s Pronouns?

Yamato is referred to as he, him, or his in the English versions.

Yamato typically refers to himself in the first person using the masculine pronoun “boku” in Japanese. This pronoun is typically used by men or young boys. While most female characters in the show use feminine pronouns, a few of female characters in other shows do the opposite.

One inconsistency is that the Vivre Card databook lists Yamato as a girl. Yamato is seen alongside Nami, Robin, and other female characters that are either allies or enemies of the Straw Hats on the cover page of chapter 1084 of the manga. Particularly when dealing with confirmed transgender characters like Kiku, this may become very perplexing.

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