Made in Abyss Controversy: TXT’s Soobin’s Termination

K-pop and anime-related tweets have been trending like crazy. This is due to a debate concerning the anime series Made in Abyss. Multiple K-pop idols are getting “canceled” after some social media posts reappeared where they rave about the anime. Learn more about the Made in Abyss debate with this helpful primer.

Made in Abyss Controversy

Some of the most scrutinized K-pop stars are TXT’s Soobin, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, NCT’s Taeyong, and ATEEZ’s Mingi. This is because they have publicly admitted to having seen, read, or enjoyed Made in Abyss.

Over the past day, the seinen (youth) series has dominated Twitter’s trending topics. K-pop enthusiasts have been complaining that the show is too depressing. Graphic images of cruelty and torture are examples of such themes. This has led to the cancellation of idols who have admitted to being lovers of troublesome manga and anime.

Meanwhile, reactions to the debate within the anime fandom are divided. There are those who acknowledge the show’s negative themes, but there are also those who believe the criticisms are exaggerated.

However, the series has been widely praised by critics around the world. Made in Abyss was chosen for Crunchyroll’s list of the best anime series of the 2010s.

In October of 2012, Web Comic Gamma began serializing the Made in Abyss manga. Meanwhile, the English edition is being published by Seven Seas Entertainment. The anime debuted with its first season in 2017. The second season followed in 2022. The plot follows Riko, an orphan, and Reg, a half-robot as they traverse the depths of the Abyss as Riko looks for her mother.

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