Magellan One Piece: The Venomous Warden of Impel Down

Magellan is a character from the popular manga and anime series One Piece. He is the vice warden of Impel Down, a notorious underwater prison holding some of One Piece’s most dangerous criminals. He is the main antagonist of the Impel Down Arc, where he clashes with Monkey D. Luffy and his allies, who attempt to break out of the prison.

Magellan Appearance and Personality

Magellan is a big man, roughly three times as tall as the average person. His face resembles a mandrill with sharp teeth and a thick beard. His fingers look a lot like the Blue Gorillas’.

He has bat wings on his back and horn-like decorations on his head that he can pull out to make weapons. Underneath those horns, he has short black twin-tail-styled hair. He wears a black-colored suit with a red shirt underneath and a piece of rope draped over his right shoulder.

He also wears a standard cap of Impel Down workers. Magellan has a severe and strict personality, taking his duty as a warden very seriously. He is loyal to the World Government and follows their orders without question.

He has no mercy for the prisoners under his watch and will use his deadly powers to execute them if they cause trouble or try to escape. He is also very proud of his position and reputation and will not tolerate insults or challenges to his authority.

However, Magellan also has some flaws and weaknesses. He suffers from chronic diarrhea due to eating poisoned food, forcing him to spend about ten hours daily in the bathroom. He also has low self-esteem and is easily depressed by failures or criticisms.

He tends to blame himself for everything that goes wrong in prison and will even apologize to his enemies for being unable to stop them. He is also very gullible and naive, as others can easily fool or manipulate him.

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Magellan Powers and Abilities

Magellan is a formidable opponent with immense physical strength and endurance. He can easily overpower most prisoners and guards with his bare hands and withstand attacks that normally injure or kill an average human.

He is also very fast and agile, despite his large size. Magellan’s most prominent ability is his Devil Fruit power, the Doku Doku no Mi (Venom-Venom Fruit), which allows him to produce and manipulate various types of poison from his body.

He can create poison in liquid, gas, or solid forms and use them for offense or defense. His venom is highly potent and lethal, as it can cause severe pain, paralysis, corrosion, or death to anyone who comes into contact with it. He can also change the properties of his poison, such as its color, viscosity, toxicity, or shape.

Some of Magellan’s most notable poison techniques are:

  • Hydra: Magellan creates multiple large dragon-like heads of poison that can bite or spit venom at his enemies.
  • Venom Demon: Magellan transforms his entire body into a massive demonic creature made of poison that can engulf and dissolve anything in its path.
  • Kinjite: Magellan’s strongest poison technique, where he creates a dark red poison that can burn through anything, even stone or metal.

Magellan also uses weapons made of poison, such as horns or spears that he can detach from his head or create from his hands.

Magellan Physical Abilities

Magellan was quickly able to block a wax-covered Gomu Gomu no Champion Stamp with one arm, as well as the stone pillars that Inazuma threw at him, demonstrating that even without his Devil Fruit powers, he is far more powerful than ordinary people.

Ace pinned him down with just one arm when he tried to flee. He demonstrated quick reflexes by effortlessly following Luffy’s moves while the latter was wearing Gear Second.

He is also incredibly resilient, as demonstrated by the fact that he was able to stand back up and continue fighting while taking a lot of Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 2 attacks directly to the face (an impressive feat given that Luffy’s Gear 2 attacks are capable of easily breaking through strong defenses).

He also took multiple cannon shots without suffering any harm. The blazing heat of Levels 3 and 4 or the sub-zero temperatures of Level 5 in Impel Down did not particularly faze Magellan.

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Magellan’s horns have removable tips that can be worn over four fingers (his thumbs protrude) like boxing gloves. The weapons’ pointed ends enable cutting and piercing motions. The horns also allow Magellan to disintegrate anything with his poisonous skills.

Devil Fruit

Magellan ate the Doku Doku no Mi, a Devil Fruit of the sort of Paramecia that allows him to produce and regulate poison. He can manufacture various poisons, from a minor irritant to a potent paralyzing agent to a lethal and highly caustic toxin.

He can manufacture deadly poisons in both liquid and gaseous forms. Additionally, he is resistant to all poisons. He can produce enormous quantities of liquid poison that he can mold into a huge monster, like a hydra or a demon.

Magellan may send himself through his poison like a pneumatic tube by using it as a form of propulsion. He may also wrap himself in a thick layer of liquid poison as armor.

Although this armor does not provide much strength, it does stop his enemies from immediately attacking him because of concern that they might be poisoned. Individually, his poisoning is very simple to treat, but a concoction of many poisons is practically incurable.

Magellan himself claims that his most lethal poison, Kinjite, has the potential to “destroy Impel Down itself.” This poison spreads out from any surface it touches, literally “infecting” everything—including stone—and is more dangerous and quickly acting than others.

He enjoys flavoring his food with poison, and although he is immune to the poison, the tainted food gives him extreme diarrhea, which makes him spend around 10 hours a day on the toilet. Since he enjoys eating food that has been poisoned, this is a significant issue for him.


Magellan was born 47 years ago in the Grand Line. He ate the Doku Doku no Mi at some point, giving him poison abilities. He joined the World Government and became the vice-chief warden of Impel Down 20 years ago.

He was promoted to chief warden after he stopped Shiki, a legendary pirate who tried to escape from the prison. During his tenure as chief warden, Magellan faced several challenges and incidents in Impel Down.

He had to deal with Shiryu, a former head jailer imprisoned for indiscriminately killing prisoners. He also had to cope with the increasing number of prisoners due to the Great Age of Pirates.

The most significant event in Magellan’s career was the mass breakout attempt by Monkey D. Luffy and his allies, who infiltrated Impel Down to rescue Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s brother, who was scheduled to be executed at Marineford.

Magellan fought against Luffy several times during the breakout attempt but failed to stop him and his allies from escaping. Magellan also had to face Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), another powerful pirate who invaded Impel Down with his crew to recruit new members from Level 6.

Magellan’s failure to prevent the mass breakout resulted in his being demoted to vice warden by the World Government. At the same time, Hannyabal, his former subordinate who always coveted his position, was promoted to chief warden.

Magellan was deeply depressed by this outcome, but he accepted his new role and continued to work in Impel Down. Two years later, Magellan was seen working as the vice warden of Impel Down, along with Hannyabal and the other staff.

He had gained scars on the left side of his face, and his left-wing and horn were broken and repaired with sheet metal. He was also seen eating a poisoned hamburger, which caused him to rush to the bathroom.

Magellan’s current status and activities are unknown, but he presumably still works in Impel Down, guarding the prisoners and maintaining security.


Magellan is a character from One Piece who serves as the vice warden of Impel Down, a notorious underwater prison. He is a powerful Doku Doku no Mi user, which allows him to produce and manipulate various types of poison.

He is the main antagonist of the Impel Down Arc, where he clashes with Monkey D. Luffy and his allies, who attempt to break out of the prison. He was formerly the chief warden but was demoted after failing to stop the mass breakout.

He is a loyal and strict warden with flaws and weaknesses, such as his chronic diarrhea, low self-esteem, and gullibility. He is a formidable and interesting character in the One Piece series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Magellan a Good Guy in One Piece?

A: Magellan is loyal to the World Government and his duty as the warden of Impel Down, where he keeps some of the most dangerous criminals in the world locked up. He is also shown to have a sense of honor and justice, as he was willing to take responsibility for his failure and resign.

However, he is also ruthless towards the prisoners and anyone who tries to escape or break into Impel Down, using his deadly poison powers to kill or torture them. He also has no qualms about working with the Marines and executing the orders of the higher-ups, even if they are morally questionable.

Therefore, some might see him as a good guy doing his job and protecting the world from evil, while others might see him as a bad guy who oppresses and harms innocent people.

Q: Who Defeated Magellan One Piece?

A: In One Piece, Magellan was not defeated by anyone, but he was severely injured and incapacitated by several people. The first was Monkey D. Luffy, who landed a powerful Jet Bazooka on Magellan’s face after coating himself with candle wax to protect himself from the poison.

However, this only stunned Magellan briefly and he quickly recovered and pursued Luffy and his allies. The second one was Emporio Ivankov, who used his Newkama Kenpo techniques to fight Magellan and inject him with a powerful hormone that caused him to suffer from diarrhea.

This allowed Luffy and his allies to escape from Impel Down, but Magellan eventually overcame the effects of the hormone and chased them to the Gates of Justice. The third was Marshall D. Teach, who attacked Impel Down with his crew after Luffy’s escape.

Teach used his Yami Yami no Mi powers to negate Magellan’s poison and deliver a devastating punch that sent him flying. Teach freed several Level 6 prisoners and left Impel Down, leaving Magellan in a critical condition.

Q: Is Magellan the Most Powerful in One Piece?

A: No, Magellan is not the most powerful in One Piece, although he is very strong and formidable. His Devil Fruit, the Doku Doku no Mi, allows him to create and manipulate various types of poison that can kill or incapacitate anyone who comes into contact with them.

He can also use his poison to create weapons, armor, shields, and wings that allow him to fly. However, his power has some limitations and weaknesses. For example, he is vulnerable to physical attacks that bypass his poison defense, such as Luffy’s wax-coated punches or Teach’s darkness-enhanced punches.

He is also susceptible to substances that can neutralize or dissolve his poison, such as Mr. 3’s wax or Ivankov’s hormones. Moreover, he is not immune to his poison and has to take frequent antidotes to prevent himself from being poisoned by his power.

Additionally, he suffers from chronic diarrhea due to his poisoned diet, which hinders his performance and stamina. Therefore, while Magellan is one of the strongest characters in One Piece, he is not the most powerful, and many others can match or surpass him in strength.

Q: Why Could Luffy Hit Magellan?

A: Luffy could hit Magellan because he used Mr. 3’s candle wax to coat himself and protect himself from Magellan’s poison. Mr. 3 is a Devil Fruit user who can create and manipulate wax. He helped Luffy escape from Impel Down by creating wax objects and structures that aided their escape plan.

When Luffy faced Magellan for the second time, Mr. 3 created a large amount of wax and covered Luffy with it, forming a thick layer of armor that shielded him from Magellan’s poison attacks. With this wax armor, Luffy could hit Magellan without being affected by his poison and inflict significant damage on him with his Gear Second techniques.

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