Netflix Anime Movie Mari Okada’s Maboroshi Release Date

On Sunday, Netflix announced that beginning on January 15, the original anime film Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Kjj (Alice and Therese’s Illusory Factory) by Mari Okada and MAPPA would be available to stream under the moniker maboroshi. The film’s trailer and first image have also been unveiled by Netflix.

Life in a town that has been frozen in time has to go on as usual. Two students’ lives are changed by a chance meeting with a mystery girl as they struggle for their future.

On September 15th, the film had its world debut in Japan. Masamune Kikuiri (Junya Enoki), Reina Ueda (Masamune’s classmate Mutsumi Sagami), and Misaki Kuno (the enigmatic female Itsumi) all play teenagers in the film.

Masamune, a third-year middle school student, lives in a town where time has stopped after an explosion at a nearby steelworks firm has blocked off all access roads. Residents in the town are restricted from making any alterations to their miserable daily routines in the hopes that things will eventually go back to normal.

In the fifth blast furnace of the steelworks factory, Masamune and his mysterious classmate Mutsumi encounter a female who is as wild as a wolf but who is unable to speak. The meeting of Masamune and these two females disrupts the balance of the world. As young people grow weary of their routines, they give in to an irresistible “love impulse” that threatens to destroy the planet.

The film, which was announced by MAPPA in 2021, was written and directed by Okada. Okada is also cited as the creator of the first draft. On June 13th, Kadokawa Bunko released Okada’s novel adaptation of the film.

Assistant director Tadashi Hiramatsu worked alongside chief animation director Yuriko Ishii (Another, Persona -trinity soul-) on the project. Angel Beats!, Hanasaku Iroha – Blossoms for Tomorrow, and The Piano Forest all had their visual direction handled by Kazuki Higashiji. Okada’s Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms features the work of all of the aforementioned animators.

Her Blue Sky, Horimiya features original music by Masaru Yokoyama. The movie was released by Warner Bros. The film’s theme song, “Shin-on” (Heartbeat), was sung by singer-songwriter Miyuki Nakajima.

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