Marvel’s Avengers Anime is Currently Available to Watch for Free on YouTube

YouTube has become a gathering place for the Future Avengers. The first episode of the Avengers anime is now available for free on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel, and new episodes will continue to be released every Tuesday until the summer of 2024.

The studio behind Death Note and One-Punch Man also created an anime series that premiered in Japan in 2017 and will be accessible to Disney+ customers in the United States in 2020. Below, fans may watch the first episode of Marvel Future Avengers in the English dub, “Destroy the Avengers” / “Aim for the Avengers,” with no need for a subscription.

In Marvel Future Avengers, a group of children discover that they have spent their whole lives under Hydra’s control, and the story chronicles how they escape and join forces with heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and the Wasp. As trainees of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Makoto and his pals learn their trade and eventually become known as the “Future Avengers.”

Bio-Soldier Trio: The Rise of Makoto, Chloe, and Adi

Among the young bio-soldiers are the vivacious and impulsive Makoto (Aki Kanada / Max Mittelman), aka “Hurricane,” who possesses aerial bending skills; Chloe (Juri Kimura / Jeannie Elias), aka “Charade,” who is 16 years old and who possesses the ability to change her appearance; and Adi (Atsushi Tamaru / Xander Mobus), aka “

Makota, Chloe, and Adi assemble alongside a team of Earth’s mightiest heroes: Captain America (Kazuhiro Nakaya / Roger Craig Smith), Iron Man (Eiji Hanawa / Mick Wingert), the Wasp (Kaori Mizuhashi / Kari Wahlgren), Thor (Yasuyuki Kase / Patrick Seitz), and the Hulk (Kenichirō Matsuda / Fred Tatasciore).

The Inhumans, the Winter Soldier (Yuri Lowenthal), Captain Marvel (Erica Lindbeck), Black Panther (James Mathis III), and Hawkeye (Christopher Corey Smith) all make appearances, as do Loki (Trevor Devall), Kang the Conqueror (Steve Blum), Red Skull (Liam O’Brien), and Green Goblin (Dave Wittenberg).

On Tuesday, October 24th, fans may tune in to livestream activities on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel. With a Disney+ membership, you can still watch all 39 episodes from both seasons of Marvel’s Future Avengers.

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