Minato: The Whorl Within the Spiral: Brings Many Answers to Questions Fans Might’ve Had Concerning

As you probably know, Minato is one of the most talented ninjas of his time in the Hidden Leaf Village. He’s a favorite among fans, and we all want to know what Minato was like when he was younger, how he became so powerful, and why he’s known as the Yellow Flash of the Leaf. I bet you’re just as excited as I am to learn about Minato.

The Minato one-shot manga, “The Whorl Within the Spiral,” was released on Monday, July 17, 2023.

Maybe you already knew about this, or I’m the first to tell you. But don’t worry, and it doesn’t matter. Whether you knew or not doesn’t change the fact that you’re a big fan of Minato. So, I will share everything I learned from the Minato manga panels. Get ready to experience the true joy of being an anime fan! The new Minato one-shot, created by Matashi Kishimoto, is really good and shows off Kishimoto’s top writing skills.

After a long break from Naruto, fans were concerned if Kishimoto could still write a good story. But he did even better than expected and wrote a fantastic chapter. He wrote a great story and connected it well to the original Naruto series, answering fans’ many important questions. The first question we’re answering is:

What led to the downfall and scattering of the Uzumaki Clan?

The Minato one-shot provides a significant answer about the Uzumaki clan’s fate, a question that has been on the minds of many fans. In the original series, we learned that the Uzumaki clan was destroyed due to wars sparked by their increasing power.

The Minato one-shot further explains this, with Mito Uzumaki, one of the oldest clan members, revealing that the clan was exploited in these wars and then scattered. The details about who used them or if this refers to wars with neighboring countries remain unclear.

However, these wars led to the clan’s downfall, and the remaining members had to escape. Tragically, the Sealing Jutsu, a technique they were masters of, became their undoing. They used this technique to host Tailed Beasts within themselves, which ultimately led to their demise.

What was the fate of Team Jiraiya?

In the original Naruto series, Jiraiya only briefly appeared, leading fans to believe they wouldn’t see him again. However, to surprise everyone, the Minato one-shot reintroduces Team Jiraiya, revealing a character named Dekai.

The one-shot also discloses that Team Jiraiya was known as Team Six in its time and was a unique team. All members were Jonin-level Shinobi, which provides some answers about what happened to them after their time at the Academy. And as you’ve already read and watched Naruto, you know how powerful our beloved Pervy Sage is.

At what point did Minato witness the Tailed Beast Ball technique?

In the original Naruto series, Killer Bee hinted that a Tailed Beast Ball inspired Minato’s Rasengan. But it was never clarified when Minato saw this Tailed Beast Ball. The Minato one-shot clears this up, revealing that during the Third Great Ninja War, Minato encountered two Jinchuriki. He saw both of them use this unique technique, which became the foundation for his creation of the Rasengan.

What was the motivation behind Minato’s creation of the Rasengan technique?

The reason behind the creation of the Rasengan was never explicitly given to fans. It was generally assumed that Minato wanted to create and perfect a powerful jutsu, hence the birth of Rasengan. However, the Minato one-shot clarifies that the Rasengan was created to protect Kushina, the Nine-Tails host.

Minato creation of the Rasengan
Minato rasengan

This revelation adds a beautiful layer to the story, as Rasengan becomes Naruto’s signature technique. Naruto inherits the Nine-Tails from his mother and the Rasengan from his father, serving as a protective keepsake.

What was the extent of Minato’s strength compared to other Hokage?

Minato Namikaze is often considered one of the most powerful Hokage ever. However, there’s always been a debate about how his strength compares to other Hokage. Some, like Jiraiya, think Minato was the strongest ever, while others argue that Hashirama was the God of Shinobi, and some believe Hiruzen was the strongest in his prime.

The Minato one-shot provides some clarity on this. Kurama states that Minato, even as a teenager, was a Shinobi whose skills matched those of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. As time passed, Minato only became stronger, indicating that he was indeed on par with the First Hokage. Whether fans see this as a change from Kishimoto’s original narrative or not, it’s clear that Minato’s strength is comparable to that of Hashirama.

What did Kushina Uzumaki’s transformation into the Tailed Beast look like?

Kushina Uzumaki was the host of the Nine-Tails for a long time, but fans never saw her use this power. Even though she was an expert at the Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu and other techniques, her real strength came from using the power of the Nine Tails.

kushina Tailed Beast transformation
kushina Tailed Beast transformation

In the Minato one-shot, we see Kushina using this power. However, she couldn’t control it and was able to create seven tails. Her transformation into seven tails differed from Naruto Uzumaki’s, who formed a skeleton at this stage. Kushina just turned into a powerful Tailed Beast Mode and created seven tails, which were strong enough to hurt Minato seriously. But in the end, both Kushina and Minato could control this form.

What was the level of strength of Iwagakure’s Jinchuriki compared to others?

Iwagakure's Jinchuriki
Iwagakure’s Jinchuriki

During its peak days, iwagakure was home to two Jinchuriki – Roshi and Han, the Four and Five Tails hosts, respectively. In a surprising revelation in the Minato one-shot, both Roshi and Han are shown to have some control over their Tailed Beasts.

They could bring out their Tailed Beasts and even use Tailed Beast Bombs, a feat that requires significant control over their beasts and is not typically possible for a Jinchuriki to do alone. Since the original manga doesn’t label them Perfect Jinchuriki, fans can infer that they had at least some control over their Tailed Beasts, known as Partial-Tailed Beast Control.

I understand you’re eager for more details, particularly regarding the battle in which Minato fought against a thousand shinobi. This, among many other intriguing elements, will be thoroughly discussed in our forthcoming article. So, rest easy knowing that your curiosity will soon be satisfied.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions or topics you’d like me to delve into, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I am more than willing to conduct further research and provide detailed answers to your queries. Remember to keep updated with our latest content by following us on Twitter. Until our next discussion, have a pleasant day!

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