My Hero Academia Movie 4 Release Date: How Many Episodes Are There in My Hero Academia Movie 4?

We welcome the news of a new installment in the My Hero Academia series. Fans have dubbed the next film in the My Hero Academia franchise “Movie 4,” and it will take place in the same universe as the popular anime series. The new feature, like its predecessors, will most likely be a completely separate entity from the current plot of the anime series.

‘Quirks’ are the name for superpowers in the world of Kohei Horikoshi’s Japanese manga and anime series. The plot then follows Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless youngster who wants to be a hero despite the fact that he has no special abilities.

When he encounters All Might, the greatest hero in the universe, All Might gives Izuku his own Quirk, allowing him to enroll in U.A. High School and begin his training to become a professional hero.

Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming fourth My Hero Academia film, including details on its narrative, when it’ll be released, a trailer, and more.

My Hero Academia Movie 4 Release Date

The sixth season of the anime, which ran from October to December 2022 and had 25 episodes, will conclude with the release of My Hero Academia: Movie 4. It’s worth noting that Season 7 has been officially ordered.

The sixth season explored Shigari’s ascension to power, the collapse of the hero community, and Deku’s period as a guardian following his departure from the UA and the consequences of his actions. The movie might be out sometime in 2024.

Meanwhile, some viewers worry that the film’s release may have a detrimental effect on the standards set for Season 7 of the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia.

However, several animators are still working on the film, which might potentially lower the overall quality of the anime. If the timetable holds and there are no snags, fans of My Hero Academia have nothing to worry and a lot to look forward to, but this has occurred before and it might happen again.

What is the Plot of ‘My Hero Academia Movie 4’?

The Plot of ‘My Hero Academia Movie 4’

The fourth My Hero Academia film, now titled My Hero Academia: The Movie, will include an original plot unrelated to the manga or anime. Events in the movie take place after the Paranormal Liberation War arc, which is scheduled to occur in the anime’s sixth season, according to the official announcement in the most recent issue of Shueisha Jump Magazine. The lasting effects of the conflict on both society and our heroes will be explored in greater detail as the film progresses.

One possible incarnation of Deku in the film is “Dark Deku,” who represents Deku giving in to his darker impulses and becoming the antagonist. But we may also imagine that Dark Deku is being held back for a later season.

The next My Hero Academia film is a joint production between Studio Bones and Toho Animation. The anime series is produced by Studio Bones, while the film will be distributed by Toho Animation.

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