My New Boss Is Goofy Review of Episode 5

Every week, My New Boss Is Goofy is the cute, wholesome sweetness I need, and Episode 5 keeps it that way by strengthening bonds between characters. Aigo Kinjo and Chief Aoyama were first presented to the audience in the previous episode. Although Yusei Shirosaki and Kentaro Momose have been the series’ main focus so far, “Heart Eyes!” also places a lot of emphasis on the second pair of coworkers without undervaluing Momose or Shirosaki.

My New Boss Is Adorable There are two distinct stories in Episode 5, both of which center on business visits to exciting (read: romantic) locations. To start, Momose and Shirosaki had to design a fresh marketing strategy for a hotel and hot springs. The two find themselves in a beautiful setting at a distant place after riding the train into the town.

Momose’s wish list really included visiting a hot spring, but he was never able to do so because of his abusive and overworked boss. Momose is so excited that he doesn’t conceal anything. Momose is only prompted to consider whether or not he should enjoy himself while traveling for work by Shirosaki’s icy demeanor.

Throughout the whole encounter, Momose wavers between admitting that he is with his employer and enjoying the occasion with Shirosaki as a buddy. Everyone who commutes for work, even those who have done so in the past without much awareness, can relate to the idea that work may provide happiness and sometimes even improve upon it.

Like in the remainder of the series, Shirosaki encourages Momose and the audience that it’s OK to have pleasure in your work. There is more to work than just being serious. More significantly, it doesn’t have to deplete you. It doesn’t have to make you anxious. Burnt-out adults are the target demographic of this workplace romance comedy slice-of-life series, and this scene effectively conveys that.

Kinjo and Aoyama are on their own field trip to Kumatte Land, while Momose and Shirosaki continue to cultivate their friendship as coworkers and (boy)friends—no, I won’t let this slide. Theme park Kumattechan, which is based on Chief Aoyama’s passion for plush bears, is situated in a secluded area and doesn’t appear to be able to attract many visitors.

As they plan a fresh campaign to have people lining up at Kumatte Land’s gates, Kinjo and Aoyama get to know one another better—their respective workflows and the perspectives that each bring to the table. Aoyama is a needy boss, while Shirosaki is a silly new one. Kinjo only finds appreciation in the neediness.

He can’t lower his guard around Kinjo. The viewer gets further insight into his previous career when he becomes ill in typical rom-com fashion—just minutes after dressing in damp clothing outside in the cold. Similar to Momose, Kinjo experienced denigration from his supervisor; however, his focus was on how rapidly he fell ill, disregarding the reality that his compromised immune system was a result of high stress and overwork. Once more demonstrating how a supervisor should behave as opposed to what Kinjo expected, Aoyama shows sympathy rather than rage when he learns that Kinjo is ill.

Overall, the fifth episode of My New Boss Is Goofy is still a great look at life, work, and how to get past a horrible situation. What matters is that the show never only informs viewers that “work is fun.” It’s just dreadful when your boss is awful.

It’s reasonable to assume that would be the message at first glance. Rather, the show clings to the notion that those in positions of authority and those who surround us must decide to care in order to elevate their workdays beyond mere fatigue. Just as choosing to abuse your authority is a decision, so is deciding to lead with love.

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