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Netflix Anime Misunderstanding Addressed by Scott Pilgrim: “I know it’s pretty different”

Netflix Anime Misunderstanding Addressed by Scott Pilgrim

Netflix Anime Misunderstanding Addressed by Scott Pilgrim

The creator and showrunner of the upcoming Netflix animation Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has addressed the questions and concerns of fans. The eight-part series opens with a rather major shock in its opening episode, before diverging into a different route from both the comics and the Edgar Wright-directed movie.

The anime version received rave reviews from critics, however, some fans were baffled by the choice to invert the tale. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have been somewhat mixed, with some viewers expressing dismay at the plot surprise while others sing its praises.

Bryan Lee O’Malley, co-creator of the show with BenDavid Grabinski, posted on Instagram with the subtitle “a few notes” in which he responded to specific questions from fans. Here is the link to the complete thread on Reddit.

Every one of our scripts was co-written by me and @bdgrabinski. It wouldn’t have been possible to write without BenDavid, with whom I went through several drafts of dialogue to make it “feel more Scott Pilgrim.” Also, nobody instructed us what to do; this was all on our own,” he said to set the tone for the rest of his explanation of the production process, which included recording the English dialogue first and then dubbing it into other languages.

The show’s creator also addressed the early cliffhanger to emphasize the show’s self-contained nature. “I think the anime timeline is its own thing,” said him. It makes some observations about the film and book, but it isn’t meant to take their place. Simply said, it’s a fresh run that restarts from the very beginning. Let me know how you feel after watching all eight episodes. It’s a little out there, and that might surprise you, but please know that it’s all in good fun.

O’Malley then encouraged those who were still perplexed to check out the comics and the film. I still admire you even if you don’t like it,” he said.

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