Netflix Announces New Pluto Trailer: When Will the Netflix Premiere of Anime Pluto Be?

Naoki Urasawa, best known for his tremendously famous manga-turned-anime Monster, has a lot riding on his next major program, Pluto, and the anime world is buzzing about it.

Urasawa does it again by bringing a serial murderer and weighty philosophical concerns like “What really makes us human?” into the relatively cheery world of Astro Boy.

Pluto, Urusawa’s ongoing manga series, began publication in 2003 and ran until 2009. After more than a decade, it is finally receiving an anime version, and it will only be available on Netflix. This is all the information we have at the moment.

Pluto New Trailer

The first official trailer for the Pluto anime was published in February, giving fans a glimpse into the program for four minutes.

In July, a new teaser was published, detailing some of the major events and story arcs that will occur in Pluto.

On October 3, 2023, a final trailer and some key art were unveiled for the anime, giving fans a clearer idea of what to anticipate.

When Will the Netflix Premiere of Pluto Be?

On October 26, you may see the first of eight episodes.

The voice cast includes Shinshû Fuji as Gesicht, Yôko Hikasa as Atom, Minori Suzuki as Uran, Toshihiko Seki as Pluto, Romi Park as Helena, Ron Bottitta as Duncan, Hideyuki Tanaka as Brau, Ken’yû Horiuchi as President Alexander, Kazuhiro Yamaji as Professor Abullah, Eizô Tsuda as Dr. Tenma, Michio Hazama as Duncan, and more.

When Will the Netflix Premiere of Pluto Be

Pluto is producing by Genco and directed by Toshio Kawaguchi. The advisor to the creative process is Naoki Urasawa. Characters are designed by Shigeru Fujita, who also serves as the animation director. The soundtrack was written by Yugo Kanno.

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