One Piece Episode 1072: Release Date, Time and Streaming Details

One Piece, the long-running and popular anime series based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda, is reaching new heights of excitement and action as the Wano arc continues. Fans eagerly await the next episode, which will continue the epic clash between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido, the Emperor of the Sea. Here is everything you need to know about One Piece Episode 1072, including its release date, time, and streaming details.

One Piece Episode 1072 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 1072 is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 13, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. JST (Japan Standard Time) on various Japanese networks such as Fuji TV, Tokyo MX, and BS11. The episode is titled “The Ridiculous Power! GEAR5 in Full Play” and will be the 1072nd episode of the anime series.

The episode will be available for international fans to stream with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming platform. Crunchyroll will release One Piece Episode 1072 at 10:00 p.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on Saturday, August 12, 2023. The platform also offers various other subtitle options for different languages.

The English dub of One Piece is a few episodes behind the original Japanese version, so fans who prefer to watch the anime in English will have to wait a bit longer. The English dub is also available on Crunchyroll and other streaming services such as Funimation and Hulu.

Watch the official preview of One Piece episode 1072 below:

One Piece Episode 1072 Streaming Details

To watch One Piece Episode 1072 online, fans will need a subscription to Crunchyroll or any other streaming service that offers the anime. Crunchyroll has a free trial option for new users who want to try the platform before committing to a monthly or yearly plan.

The subscription plans range from $7.99 to $14.99 monthly, depending on the features and benefits. Crunchyroll also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and a web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The app and the extension allow users to access Crunchyroll’s library of anime, manga, and drama from anywhere and anytime. Users can also download episodes for offline viewing on the app.

Alternatively, fans can watch One Piece Episode 1072 on cable TV or satellite TV if they can access any Japanese networks that broadcast the anime. However, this option may not be available for everyone depending on their location and service provider.

What to Expect in One Piece Episode 1072?

One Piece Episode 1072 will continue the thrilling battle between Luffy and Kaido that began in the previous episode. In Episode 1071, Luffy surprises everyone by unleashing his Gear 5 form, a new level of power he achieved after awakening his Devil Fruit abilities.

Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation gave him a rubber-like body that could bounce off any attack and damage Kaido. In Episode 1072, fans can expect to see more of Luffy’s Gear 5 abilities and how they affect his fighting style and personality.

Luffy will use his rubber powers to perform hilarious yet powerful moves such as using Kaido as a jump rope or inflating himself into a giant balloon. Kaido will try to counter Luffy’s attacks with his formidable strength and skills, but he will find it hard to keep up with Luffy’s speed and unpredictability.

The episode will also reveal more about the origin and nature of Luffy’s Gear 5 form and how it relates to his Devil Fruit type. Kaido will comment that Luffy’s awakening resembles that of a Zoan-type Devil Fruit user rather than a Paramecia-type like himself.

Luffy will explain that he learned how to awaken his Devil Fruit from his grandfather Monkey D. Garp, who also possesses a rubber-like body. However, Luffy’s Gear 5 form will not last forever, as he will soon reach his limit and experience some side effects.

Luffy will briefly turn pale and wrinkled, resembling an old man. He will then use his heartbeat to synchronize with the Drums of Liberation, a musical instrument that plays in Wano during important events. By doing so, Luffy will regain his Gear 5 form and prepare for the final blow against Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1072 will be an action-packed and humorous episode showcasing Luffy’s incredible growth and potential as a pirate king. Fans should not miss this episode as it will be one of the most memorable moments in the anime series.

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