One Piece Episode 1080 Release Date: There Are Spoilers Ahead for the Episode 1080

One Piece’s great Wano Country Saga is coming to a close, and the Straw Hats and all of Wano are celebrating Kaido and Orochi’s defeat. The legitimate successor of the Kozuki Clan has declared himself Shogun and vowed to end the people’s misery.

Wano’s youth are being exposed to the truth about the renowned Kozuki Clan and Oden, the hero of their land, rather than the falsehoods propagated by the Kurozumi Clan. But the country still has some issues to resolve.

A new danger threatens Wano just as everyone is beginning to recover from the fierce struggle; this time, it’s someone even more deadly than Kaido. Learn more about when and what will be revealed in One Piece Episode 1080 by reading on!

One Piece Episode 1080 Release Date

Next week, on October 22 at 9:30am JST, you may see One Piece Episode 1080. It’s a new episode of the anime every Sunday.

After its first broadcast in Japan, the episode will be made accessible for viewing in other time zones. Time zones are shown below.

  • 7:00pm PT
  • 9:00pm Central Time
  • 10:00pm Eastern Time Zone
  • 3:00am UK
  • 7:30am India Standard Time
  • 11:30am Australia

There Are Spoilers Ahead for One Piece Episode 1080

Take a sneak peek at next week’s One Piece Episode 1080 below!

Celebration Banquet! is the title of Episode 1080 of One Piece. The Rising Sea Power! New Luffy, Law, and Kid bounty posters will be unveiled in this episode. Mary Geoise is upset, though, because Luffy’s wanted poster features his Gear 5 appearance.

The Five Elders are in a state of panic because they cannot risk having the world learn the truth about the incredible power of Luffy’s devil fruit. World Economy News Paper president Morgans, however, was so impressed by Luffy’s mysterious appearance that he decided to share it with the world.

It comes as a surprise to everyone as all three of them have the same abundance of 3 billion berries. Even though Robin is with Oden’s dad, Kozuki Sukiyaki, the feast goes on. He went by the name Tenguyama Hitetsu in public and concealed his identity.

One of the three Ancient Weapons, Pluton, is located in Wano, as he discloses. Admiral Ryokugyu, who is after the wounded Straw Hats, is the one flying into Wano. He immediately starts battling King, Queen, and the rest of the Beast Pirates as soon as he lands on Wano. Luffy and Buggy will be named the new Yonko at the episode’s conclusion.

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