One Piece Film Red & 2 Other Movie Streaming on Crunchyroll Soon

In an exciting development for anime fans, the popular streaming platform Crunchyroll has confirmed including “One Piece Film: Red” in its vast collection. The announcement, made on July 20, 2023, promises a grand cinematic adventure for viewers around the globe.

I can sense your joy upon hearing this news, and trust me, the excitement doesn’t stop here. Alongside One Piece Film Red, two more movies from the franchise, Stampede, and Gold, have been added to the roster. Let me share all my details regarding this exhilarating announcement without further delay.

One Piece Film Red Release date on Crunchyroll

One Piece Film Red, One Piece Stampede, and One Piece Film Gold is set to hit Crunchyroll on July 27. It will be available with English subtitles and English-dubbed audio in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Do share which movie you plan to watch first. Rest assured, no matter your choice, each film is bound to captivate you. With these additions, the affinity of One Piece fans for Crunchyroll will grow even more vital.

A Cinematic Treat for Anime Fans

“One Piece Film: Red” promises to be an epic anime event. As the fourteenth film in the One Piece series, it brings back the beloved characters of the series in an entirely new narrative, packed with thrilling battles, intriguing mysteries, and the heartwarming camaraderie that has endeared the series to fans worldwide.

The movie has already seen a successful release in Japanese theaters, garnering positive reviews and becoming a box office hit. With its arrival on Crunchyroll, a wider global audience will now be able to enjoy this fantastic cinematic journey.

The One Piece Phenomenon on Crunchyroll

The arrival of “One Piece Film: Red” only adds to Crunchyroll’s extensive collection of One Piece content, already consisting of the main anime series, OVAs, and previous movies. This partnership between Crunchyroll and the creators of One Piece demonstrates the platform’s dedication to providing a comprehensive anime experience for its users.

Crunchyroll describes the movie:

Uta—the most beloved singer in the world whose voice has been described as “otherworldly”—is renowned for concealing her own identity when performing. Now, for the first time ever, she will reveal herself to the world at a live concert.

With the Navy watching closely, the venue fills with Uta’s fans—including excited pirates and the Straw Hats led by Luffy, who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance—all eagerly awaiting the voice that the whole world has been waiting for to resound. The story begins with the shocking revelation that she is the enigmatic Shanks’ daughter.

Stay tuned for further updates, and prepare for a fantastic adventure on the high seas with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew!

With that, I bid you farewell, fellow anime enthusiasts. Writing for you is a joy, and this shared passion makes our bond unbreakable. If you have any thoughts to share or wish for me to delve into other anime, do let me know via the comment section.

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