The One Piece Princess Vivi Cosplay is Completed and Ready for Season 2

Production on the second season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation has resumed, and one particularly impressive costume is being readied for Princess Vivi’s introduction in the next episodes.

While there are still some major events that need to be covered, Season 2 of One Piece will likely focus on the first major arc that Luffy and the others encounter on their journey into the Grand Line. Season 1 of One Piece tackled the East Blue saga from Eiichiro Oda’s original manga series. This suggests that some major players will soon be appearing.

Season 2 of One Piece is likely to feature some kind of the Alabasta arc, giving viewers their first look at some of the series’ most pivotal new characters, including Princess Vivi.

Before her live-action debut, Vivi has become one of the most talked-about additions to the series, and this great cosplay by TikTok artist Thechrissymourns demonstrates why she’s such a sensation.

Before Season 2: Netflix’s One Piece Facts

Season 2 of One Piece is now in development, although there has been no announcement regarding a release date or timeframe. Chopper’s inclusion in the new episodes was teased by Eiichiro Oda himself, however, it is unknown which storylines or characters would be featured in the upcoming season. Since Vivi was introduced earlier in history, she will most likely be portrayed in live-action in the upcoming season.

Netflix promotes the first season of One Piece by saying, Based on Eiichiro Oda’s bestselling manga series of all time in Japan, ONE PIECE is an epic nautical journey like no other. Young Monkey D. Luffy is an intrepid explorer who has dreamed of independence ever as he can remember.

Luffy leaves his humble hometown on a dangerous quest to acquire the fabled treasure known as ONE PIECE and become the Pirate King. However, in order to get the ultimate reward, Luffy will need to recruit the crew he has always desired, locate a ship to sail on, outrun the Marines, and outsmart cunning adversaries.

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