One Piece: The Top 5 Future Fights For Nika Luffy in the Final Saga

Nika Luffy is the latest incarnation of the legendary Sun God Nika, who was once revered as the Warrior of Liberation by the slaves of the ancient world. Nika Luffy has awakened his true Devil Fruit power, the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, which gives him a rubber body and the ability to spread freedom and joy wherever he goes. As the new Joy Boy, Nika Luffy is destined to challenge the evil forces of the World Government and the Celestial Dragons and bring a new dawn.

In his quest to become the Pirate King and find One Piece, Nika Luffy will have to face many powerful opponents in the Final Saga of One Piece. Some of these fights are inevitable, while others are possible scenarios that could happen in the future. Here are some future fights for Nika Luffy that fans can look forward to.

Nika Luffy vs. Kizaru

One of the first fights that Nika Luffy will likely have in the Final Saga is against Kizaru, one of the three Admirals of the Navy. Kizaru is leading a massive operation to attack Egghead Island, where Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites are located. The World Government wants to destroy any evidence of Vegapunk’s research on the Void Century and the ancient weapons and kill Vegapunk himself.

Nika Luffy and some of his allies are currently on Egghead Island, such as Sabo, Hancock, and Law. He is there to protect Vegapunk and his satellites, which are crucial for his plan to reach Laugh Tale and uncover the truth about the world. Nika Luffy and Kizaru will inevitably clash on Egghead Island in a battle that fans have been waiting for since their first encounter at Sabaody Archipelago.

Nika Luffy must use his full power and skill to overcome Kizaru’s speed and light-based attacks. Kizaru is one of the strongest fighters in the Navy, and he will not hold back against Nika Luffy. This fight will test Nika Luffy’s strength, endurance, and ability to adapt to different situations.

Nika Luffy vs. Saturn

Another possible fight Nika Luffy could have on Egghead Island is against Saturn, one of the Five Elders of the World Government. Saturn is also on Egghead Island, along with other high-ranking officials, such as Cipher Pol agents and Marines. Saturn is there to oversee the operation and ensure its success.

Saturn is likely one of the most vital members of the Five Elders, also known as the Royal Guard of Imu, the mysterious ruler of the World Government. Saturn has a deep hatred for Nika Luffy and his Devil Fruit power, as he knows he is a reincarnation of Nika, who was once a threat to their authority and control.

Nika Luffy vs. Saturn would be a fight between two opposing ideologies: freedom vs. tyranny, joy vs. fear, and light vs. darkness. Saturn would use his vast experience and knowledge to outsmart and overpower Nika Luffy, while Nika Luffy would use his creativity and determination to overcome Saturn’s schemes and attacks. This fight would also reveal more about Saturn’s motives, secrets, and connection to Imu.

Nika Luffy vs. Shanks

One of the most anticipated fights in One Piece is between Nika Luffy and Shanks, his childhood idol and mentor. Shanks was the one who inspired Nika Luffy to become a pirate and gave him his straw hat, which is a symbol of their bond and promise. Shanks also saved Nika Luffy’s life when he lost his arm to a sea king.

However, Shanks is not just a benevolent figure in Nika Luffy’s life. He is also one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, competing for the title of Pirate King and the treasure of One Piece. After learning about Nika Luffy’s awakening and progress, Shanks has recently entered the race for One Piece more actively.

Nika Luffy and Shanks will likely meet again on Elbaf, also known as the War Land. Elbaf is an island inhabited by giants, who are renowned for their strength and honor. Elbaf is also rumored to be one of the locations where one of the four Road Poneglyphs is hidden. The Road Poneglyphs are special stones that contain clues to finding Laugh Tale, where One Piece is located.

Nika Luffy vs. Shanks would be a fight between two friends who respect each other but have different goals and dreams. Shanks would not make it easy for Nika Luffy to reach One Piece, as he wants to test his strength and will. Nika Luffy would not back down from Shanks, as he wants to prove himself worthy of his straw hat and legacy. This fight would be a clash of ideals and emotions and a display of their incredible power and skill.

Nika Luffy vs. Blackbeard

Another inevitable fight that Nika Luffy will have in the Final Saga is against Blackbeard, his arch-nemesis and rival. Blackbeard is the captain of the Pirates and also one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Blackbeard is the only person in the world who can use two Devil Fruit powers: the Yami Yami no Mi, which gives him the power of darkness, and the Gura Gura no Mi, which gives him the power of earthquakes.

Blackbeard is responsible for many atrocities and tragedies in One Piece, such as killing Thatch and stealing his Devil Fruit, betraying the Whitebeard Pirates and causing their downfall, capturing Ace and handing him over to the World Government, killing Whitebeard and stealing his Devil Fruit, and destroying Marineford with his earthquake power. He is also one of the main contenders for finding One Piece, as he has been collecting information and clues about its location.

Luffy vs. Blackbeard will inevitably be the best fight in shonen and possibly all time:

Nika Luffy vs. Blackbeard would be a fight between two opposites: light vs. darkness, joy vs. despair, and freedom vs. chaos. Blackbeard would use his dual Devil Fruit powers and cunning to try to defeat Nika Luffy and claim One Piece for himself, while Nika Luffy would use his rubber power and willpower to stop Blackbeard and avenge his fallen comrades. This fight would culminate in their long-standing rivalry and hatred, a decisive factor in the world’s fate.

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Nika Luffy vs. Imu

The final and ultimate fight that Nika Luffy will have in the Final Saga is against Imu, the secret ruler of the World Government. Imu is a mysterious figure who sits on the Empty Throne, which symbolizes the unity and authority of the World Government. Imu is the one who commands the Five Elders and decides the course of action for the World Government.

Imu’s true identity and motives are unknown, but he deeply connects to the Void Century and the world’s ancient history. He also seems to have a personal interest in Nika Luffy, as he was seen holding a bounty poster of him and a straw hat similar to his in his chamber4. Imu may be the final enemy that Nika Luffy has to face to uncover the truth about the world and fulfill his destiny as Joy Boy.

Nika Luffy vs. Imu would be a fight between two legendary figures: Nika vs. Imu, Joy Boy vs. World King, and Warrior of Liberation vs Tyrant of Oppression. Imu would use his immense power and influence to try to destroy Nika Luffy and prevent him from reaching Laugh Tale and finding One Piece. In contrast, Nika Luffy would use his rubber power and charisma to rally his allies and friends against Imu and his regime. This fight would be a war that would shake the world to its core, as well as a showdown that would determine the future of mankind.

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