PLUTO Anime Set to Shine at AX 2023

AX 2023 Readies for PLUTO’s Grand Debut

“PLUTO” is set to take the center stage at Anime Expo (AX) 2023, adding to the excitement and anticipation of anime enthusiasts worldwide. The announcement comes from the official Netflix Anime Twitter account, revealing that the highly-anticipated anime series will be featured in a special panel at the event​.

Legendary Producer Masao Maruyama

Legendary producer Masao Maruyama, known for his contribution to many iconic anime series, is set to grace the event. Maruyama’s involvement brings an additional layer of excitement for the attendees as they look forward to gaining insights from one of the industry’s most revered figures​.

From Japan to the World — Netflix J-Content Presentation

Netflix is known for its strong portfolio of Japanese content, and “PLUTO” is the latest addition to its line-up. The panel, aptly titled “From Japan to the World,” underscores Netflix’s commitment to bringing quality Japanese content to a global audience. The presentation is scheduled for Saturday, July 1st, starting at 3:15 PM in the Main Events room​.

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Excitement Surrounding PLUTO

With the news of PLUTO’s showcase at AX 2023, fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for what’s to come. The series is already generating buzz in the anime community, and the upcoming presentation is only expected to amplify the anticipation.


As the date approaches, all eyes will be on AX 2023 and the “PLUTO” panel. Anime fans around the world are gearing up for what promises to be an exciting presentation, offering a glimpse into the much-anticipated series. This event signifies Netflix’s continued efforts to bring high-quality Japanese content to the global stage.

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