Pluton One Piece: One of the Three Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction

Pluton is one of the three Ancient Weapons, along with Poseidon and Uranus, capable of destroying the world. It is a highly advanced warship that can fire powerful blasts that can obliterate entire islands.

It was created during the Void Century on Water 7, and its location is hidden in a Poneglyph in Arabasta. However, it is buried deep beneath Mt. Fuji in Wano Country and can only be released by opening Wano’s borders.

The History of Pluton

Pluton was built by the shipwrights of Water 7 during the Void Century, a period that the World Government erased from public knowledge. It was used in a great war that involved the Ancient Kingdom and its allies, who possessed the Ancient Weapons, and the 20 Kingdoms that formed the World Government.

The war’s outcome is unknown, but Pluton was deactivated and hidden somewhere in the world. The shipwrights who built it kept the blueprints as a safety measure in case Pluton ever fell into the wrong hands or needed to be used again.

The blueprints were passed down from master to apprentice for generations until they reached Tom, the legendary fish-man carpenter who built the Sea Train and the Oro Jackson.

Tom was approached by Spandam, a member of Cipher Pol who wanted to use Pluton to end the Great Pirate Era and overthrow the World Government. Tom refused to give him the blueprints and was later arrested for building the Oro Jackson, the ship of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King.

Before his execution, Tom entrusted the blueprints to his apprentice Iceberg, who later became the mayor of Water 7 and the president of Galley-La Company. Iceburg then passed them on to his fellow apprentice Franky, who modified his body into a cyborg after being attacked by the World Government.

We are headed to Water 7, where Pluton was constructed!

Meanwhile, Crocodile, a former Warlord of the Sea and the leader of Baroque Works, learned about Pluton’s existence from Nico Robin, an archaeologist who can read Poneglyphs. He planned to use Pluton to overthrow the World Government and become the Pirate King.

He staged a civil war in Arabasta and forced its king, Nefertari Cobra, to reveal the location of Pluton’s Poneglyph in the royal tomb. However, he was stopped by Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, who allied with Princess Vivi, Cobra’s daughter and a former member of Baroque Works.

Robin also betrayed Crocodile and joined Luffy’s crew as their archaeologist. Later, Franky was captured by CP9, a secret branch of Cipher Pol led by Spandam’s son Rob Lucci. They also captured Robin, who had a bounty on her head for being able to revive the Ancient Weapons.

They took them to Enies Lobby, a judicial island where they planned to execute them and obtain Pluton’s blueprints. However, Luffy and his crew stormed Enies Lobby and fought against CP9 to rescue their friends.

Franky burned the blueprints before Spandam, declaring that he trusted Robin not to use her knowledge for evil. He then joined Luffy’s crew as their shipwright and built a new ship called Thousand Sunny with Adam Wood, a rare and sturdy material he bought with savings.

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The Mystery of Pluton

Pluton has not yet appeared in the story, but it has been hinted that it is still somewhere in Wano Country, a secluded nation ruled by Kaido, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Wano Country has a Road Poneglyph that reveals one of the four locations of Laugh Tale, the final island where Roger found the One Piece and learned about the Void Century.

The Road Poneglyph is hidden in a secret cavern at the foot of Mt. Fuji, an enormous mountain that is submerged underwater due to Wano Country’s artificial elevation by Oden Kozuki, a former member of Roger’s crew and Wano Country’s rightful heir.

According to Yamato, Kaido’s son who idolizes Oden and wants to open Wano Country’s borders to the world, Pluton is buried deep beneath Mt. Fuji. He can only be released by bringing down Wano Country’s walls.

This is the true meaning of Oden’s will to open Wano Country’s borders, as he believed that a great war involving the Ancient Weapons would happen 20 years after his death. Why Oden hid Pluton under Mt. Fuji is unknown, or how he knew about its existence.

Who else knows about Pluton’s location or how to activate it is also unknown. However, someone may try to use Pluton for their purposes, such as the World Government, the Blackbeard Pirates, or the Rocks Pirates.

This legendary crew once challenged the World Government and was led by Rocks D. Xebec, Kaido’s former captain and Blackbeard’s idol. It is also possible that Pluton may be needed to fight against the other Ancient Weapons, such as Poseidon, who is revealed to be Shirahoshi, the princess of Fish-Man Island who can communicate with Sea Kings, or Uranus, whose identity and power are still unknown.

Pluton is one of One Piece’s most mysterious and dangerous elements, as it can potentially change the world’s fate. It is a legacy of the Void Century that may reveal some secrets about the history and the will of the D. clan, a mysterious lineage to which Roger, Luffy, and many others belong.

It is also a weapon of mass destruction that may be used for good or evil, depending on who controls it. Pluton is a critical factor in the upcoming final war that will decide the future of One Piece.

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