Ragna Crimson Adds 7 New Silver Corps Members

In this week’s episode, the sixth of the series, the Ragna Crimson TV anime—which is based on the manga by Daiki Kobayashi—will welcome seven new characters to the cast: the Silver Armored Corps, led by Staria Reze.

In this week’s episode, seven new members of the Silver Armored Corps make their debut:

  • Isaac Stern voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (Veldora Tempest in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)
  • Garm Ulban voiced by Shiro Saito (Vesture Kloff Di Laufen in Overlord)
  • Christopher Algren voiced by Kenji Hamada (Teppei Kiyoshi in Kuroko’s Basketball)
  • Shin Cutlass voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka (Denki Kaminari in My Hero Academia)
  • Fu voiced by Yukihiro Nozuyama (Heimdall in Record of Ragnarok)
  • Nazarena Teluzian voiced by Yu Shimamura (Annie Leonhardt in Attack on Titan)
  • Majorca Abbott voiced by Marika Kono (Mahiro Oyama in ONIMAI: I’m Now Your Sister!)

Character designs are by Shinpei Aoki (creature designer for Wise Man’s Grandchild), series composition is by Deko Akao (The Dungeon of Black Company), and music is by Koji Fujimoto (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!). Ragna Crimson is directed by Ken Takahashi at studio SILVER LINK.

Sentai Filmworks, which describes the series as follows, will simulcast it on HIDIVE as it airs in Japan.

Dragons reign terror over the earth, sea and sky. If sworn dragon hunters like Ragna are to have any hope of dealing death to these seemingly invincible, fire-breathing beasts, they must find a way to level the odds. Ragna teams up with a mysterious man named Crimson who has likewise sworn to stand against the dragons menacing the world. But although Crimson’s motivations may be mysterious, his goal and Ragna’s perfectly align, and together they’ll fight to vanquish the dragons once and for all.

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