Real Patlabor Robot: What It Could Mean for the Future?

On October 1st, MOVeLOT.Inc., a Tokyo-based business with global expansion aspirations, announced the beginning of the development of the boardable/pilotable AV-98 Ingram.

The Mobile Police Patlabor series, which debuted in 1988 and turns 35 this year, centers around the primary robot AV-98 Ingram. Mobile Police Patlabor EZY is a new series that has been under development.

With a genuine, pilotable Ingram, the firm can give customers a taste of what it’s like to be a “Forward,” the Patlabor’s pilot. In the summer of 2024, the robot will be introduced to the general public.

The company’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts will offer fans exclusive visual updates on the project’s progress. Beginning in January 2024, updates on progress will be published online every other week. In addition, a random selection of the followers will be offered a chance to see the facility where the robot is being built.

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