Re:Monster Anime Release Date: Who Will Be in the Cast of Re:Monster?

The cast, opening song artist, and release window for the Re:Monster anime were revealed in a new promotional film that was published on Thursday, December 7, 2023, by the official website and X (previously Twitter) handle. The teaser suggests that April 2024 is the tentative release date for the anime. Curiously, the crew has also unveiled a fresh anime concept art.

The Japanese light novel series Re:Monster, written by Kogitsune Kanekiru and illustrated by Yamaada, is the inspiration for the anime adaptation. Shosetsuka ni Naro ran serializations of the series from 2011 until 2018. Nine volumes were later published by AlphaPolis when they purchased the series. The announcement of the anime adaption was made public on September 19, 2023, by Studio DEEN.

Re:Monster Anime Release Date

Along with a new trailer, the official crew of the Re:Monster anime stated that the anime will be released in the spring of 2024, specifically in April of that year. The most recent trailer for the anime gives a sneak peek at its plot, showing how the hero dies and is resurrected as a Goblin in another dimension.

In his newfound state as a toddler Goblin, he becomes acutely aware of his plight. Attempting to adapt to his new life in the brutal Goblin community, our hero finds himself helpless. With the help of his fellow Goblins, he gains the skills to battle bizarre and potentially deadly monsters.

The next anime will center on Gobrou and his pals’ struggle for survival in a harsh environment where there is little room for error, as previously announced. The teaser not only gives away some plot details, but it also unveils the opening theme artist and the cast of the anime.

Also, a new concept image showcasing the main characters from the Re:Monster anime has been published by the official team behind the show. Seeing Gobrou and his pals mature from toddlers into adults is the subject of the illustration. Additionally, the first key picture for the anime has been updated and shown.

Cast in Re:Monster

Cast in ReMonster

Studio DEEN is responsible for producing the Re:Monster anime, which features an exceptional cast and crew. The official sources state that the anime is being directed by Takayuki Inagaki and composed by Horioshi Yamaguchi. Famous Gravion character designer Junichi Takaoka is working on the anime.

Furthermore, the creation of the music is overseen by Go Sakabe. Along with Yukia Kadowak and Norito Kondo, other crew members include Shuhei Abe as the sound director, Yukia Kadowak as the color designer, and others.

Notable artists on the opening theme, Into the Fire, including Chansung of the 2PM boy band from South Korea and AK-69 of Japanese hip-hop. Changmin, who is a part of the 2AM boy band, is also featured in the opening song.

The voice actor for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Anthonio Caesar Zeppeli, Takaya Sato, will also perform the role of Gobrou in this series. Gobkichi will be voiced by Kenta Hosoda and Gobmi by Ai Kakuma. The Readhead (Mai Kanno) and Gobe (Kana Ueda) are the other cast members.

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