JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s ‘Rohan At The Louvre’ Lands on U.S. Screens

Great news for all you JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure enthusiasts out there! If you’ve been craving some thrilling action and quirky adventures, get ready for a fantastic treat. A fresh tale from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe is gearing up to hit the big screens in the United States. This cinematic adventure is derived from the popular spin-off series, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, and is titled “Rohan At The Louvre.”

Now, I know you’re wondering, “What’s this all about?” Well, let me take you on a quick tour. The story revolves around Rohan Kishibe, who’s not your ordinary artist – he wields a power called Heaven’s Door. Our protagonist embarks on a quest for artistic inspiration in the dazzling halls of the Louvre Museum. But hold onto your seats, because instead of the inspiration he seeks, he stumbles upon an unexpected and spine-chilling horror that will send shivers down your spine!

The genius mind behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki, has always held a soft spot for Rohan Kishibe. Araki treated us to a side story showcasing Rohan’s distinctive escapades. And guess what? With the arrival of the newest arc in the main series, Araki ingeniously weaves Rohan back into the fold. This time, Kishibe finds himself in the crosshairs of a diamond heist, orchestrated by the manga’s fresh protagonists, Jodio and Dragona. Now, we’re not entirely sure what role Rohan will play in The JOJOLands from here on out, but one thing’s for certain: he’s a beloved figure cherished by both the creator and the fans.

jojo Kishibe Rohan

Do you know that the release date for the Shangri-La Frontier anime has been announced? It will also be a treat for international audiences, as it will be streamable on Crunchyroll:

Hold your horses – there’s more! The buzz is that “Rohan At The Louvre” will be making its grand entrance on Amazon Prime Video from September 22nd onwards, and this is happening not only in North America but also in approximately 160 other countries. But wait, there’s a twist. This exciting movie is actually a continuation of a live-action television series that’s already streaming on Amazon’s platform. So, if you haven’t yet indulged in Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan’s anime adaptation, guess what? You can catch it on Netflix, too!

Now, let me paint you a picture of the captivating storyline of “Rohan At The Louvre.” Picture this: Rohan, a budding manga artist, embarks on a journey that leads him to cross paths with an enigmatic and stunning young woman who holds a tale of drama and mystery. As he sketches away, she unveils the legend of a cursed painting, soaked in the darkest ink ever known, drawn from the wood of a thousand-year-old tree.

To make things juicier, this tree was taken down without the Emperor’s nod, resulting in the painter’s execution. The painting, though, was rescued from the brink of destruction by a vigilant curator at the Louvre. Fast forward a decade, and Rohan, now famous, visits Paris, only to be drawn into a hair-raising quest to locate the cursed painting. But what he doesn’t realize is the unimaginable power this curse holds – a power that will violently shake his world when the painting is unearthed from the depths of the museum’s archives.

So, mark your calendars for September 22nd, because a thrilling, chilling, and utterly captivating adventure is headed straight to your screens. With Rohan Kishibe at the helm, get ready to be spellbound by “Rohan At The Louvre” as it takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the bizarre and the unexpected.

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