The Best 5 Romance Anime on Netflix Watch When You’re Feeling Happy

The rise of anime on Netflix in recent years has been startling. More and more viewers are using the service to watch old favorites like Cowboy Bebop and One-Punch Man since the streaming platform has licensed them. Netflix’s romantic anime selection, however, is also very well stocked.

There are many interesting and unusual love anime on Netflix. Several of these anime are produced by Netflix itself, but there are also many more to choose from. Netflix’s selection of romantic anime includes both lighthearted comedies and heartbreaking dramas. Fans of romantic comedies might find what they’re searching for in the animated love stories available on Netflix.

By Alexandra Locke, as of October 3, 2023: CBR strives to always publish accurate information. New titles will be added, and existing suggestions revised when romantic anime titles depart and are replaced on Netflix.

Hi Score Girl

Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono’s growing romance is chronicled in Hi Score Girl. The two arcade players challenge one another in public and discover that they are attracted to the same person: their greatest competitor. Despite the slow start to their romance, the ways in which they come to understand one another via their shared interest in video games are fascinating.

Hi Score Girl has received high marks from reviewers and viewers for its innovative animation style and gaming industry knowledge. This delightful romance anime is sure to be a hit with fans of both video games and romantic comedies.

Lost Song

The lovely musical animation Lost Song centers on Rin and Finis. The song serves as a link between the two young women, with Rin representing Finis’s optimism. Lost Song is a beautiful exploration of the healing power of song. The beautiful music that Rin and Finis have created together serves to emphasize the message.

It’s impossible not to be moved by this inspiring tale of perseverance and selflessness. The good and bad in Rin and Finis’s universe are represented by their polar opposite personalities. It helps that the music is so stunning. Fans of both music and romantic anime will like this program.

No Doubt In Us

In No Doubt in Us, we follow the fractious relationship between Emperor Xiao Jinyun and Empress Xu Yu. However, everything changes when Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu unintentionally exchange bodies after a tumble.

Living like each other, the experiences of Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu are inspiring. They begin to empathize with one another’s hardships the more time they spend acting as each other. Fans of the genre of romantic comedies will appreciate this program.

The drama in No Doubt in Us is high-octane as suspicions rise within the palace staff. The pressure is on Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu to get things back to normal, and time is running out. If you enjoy dramatic stories with high stakes, then you will love this program.

Romantic Killer

Anzu Hoshino, a geeky teenager, is the protagonist of Romantic Killer. Riri, a mythical entity whose mission is to make Anzu fall in love, takes away Anzu’s three loves (chocolate, video games, and her cat, Momohiki). Aside from being a hilariously original take on the Reverse-Harem genre, the anime also has some shockingly poignant and somber moments.

When Anzu is just being herself, she shines as the seemingly untamable protagonist. She attracts the attention of two lads, Tsukasa Kazuki and Junta Hayami, who become her suitors and provide much of the show’s emotional core.

Tsukasa has issues from his past to deal with, while Junta is so tormented by his affection for Anzu that she does not return. Fans of Reverse Harem and comedies will enjoy Romantic Killer, a hidden treasure on Netflix.

Teasing Master Takagi-San

Nishitaka’s nickname for Takagi, “Teasing Master Takagi-San,” is quite misleading. Still, he is determined to give it a go. The show’s charm and humor come from the young actors’ continuous pranks on each other.

Anyone who has ever had a crush in childhood will find a lot of resonance in the connection between Takagi and Nishitaka. Their behavior beautifully illustrates the intense feelings and accompanying insecurities of first love. The relatable situations and characters in Teasing Master Takagi-San make it a charming romance animation that almost everyone may enjoy.

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