The Sword of the Demon Hunter Anime Will Premiere on Television in 2024

This is the final volume of Sword of the Demon Hunter by Motoo Nakanishi. On Wednesday, the creators of the Kijin Gentosho novel series revealed that the anime based on the books would air on television beginning in 2024. The first release date for the anime was set for September 2021.

Both the novels and the manga adaptation are being released in the English language by Seven Seas Entertainment, which provides the following plot summary:

In the Edo era, young Jinta and his sister must flee their home, finding refuge in a mountain village. Years later, Jinta has grown into a skilled swordsman, sworn to protect the priestess of the village shrine. Charged with slaying a demon that threatens the shrine, Jinta confronts the malevolent creature in the forest, only to learn a shocking truth. The demon speaks of events one hundred and seventy years hence, when Jinta must confront the demon in the future. Thus begins an epic fantasy journey that spans multiple eras as Jinta hunts a demon through time and must come to terms with his own dark nature.

Nakanishi’s debut novel volume, illustrated by Tamaki, was released in June 2019 under the title Suih no Hibi (Days of Nothing). On August 17th, Seven Seas Entertainment released the third volume in English.

In September 2021, Futabasha released the first collected volume of Y Satomi’s manga based on the novels. On September 13, Futabasha released the fifth volume of the manga. On October 3, the third volume of the manga was released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

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