The 15 Most Popular Tekken Female Characters

When friends are gathered to play Tekken, the moment someone selects a female character for the match instantly becomes captivating. The moves and actions performed by these female characters are simply unbeatable.

Furthermore, delving into the background stories of these female characters in Tekken adds an extra layer of appreciation for the game. Each character’s development and storyline make the gaming experience truly special. Among them, Nina Williams stands out as a female character with a deeply emotionally connecting backstory.

We extensively examined the Tekken series for this article and carefully selected a few remarkable female characters. To rank them, we surveyed several gamers. Without further ado, here is the list of Tekken’s most captivating female characters to enjoy.

Tekken’s Most Popular Female Characters

15. Michelle Chang

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Narumi Hidaka

Female Character Description: Meet Michelle Chang, a mixed-race Native American woman in Arizona. Her background is rooted in her father’s journey to America under Heihachi Mishima’s orders to find a treasure on Native American land.

However, after falling in love with life in America, he chose to settle there, marrying and eventually giving birth to Michelle. Michelle faces a conflict between her deep love for her family and her strong desire to seek vengeance against those threatening them.

Determined and stubborn, she pursues her goals with unwavering tenacity. As a Native American, Michelle possesses beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair braided down her back, with a separated fringe. Her attire and accessories proudly reflect her Native American heritage.

14. Julia Chang

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Cara Jones

Julia’s early life was challenging as she was abandoned as a baby in the remnants of a Native American village without knowing her birth parents. Fortunately, her fortune turned around when she was discovered and adopted by Michelle Chang, a young woman from a native tribe.

Michelle raised Julia as her own, providing her with love and care. Julia possesses a fearless spirit, never backing down in the face of danger. She is devoted to protecting the people and things she cherishes, standing her ground and fighting for what is right.

Describing Julia’s appearance, she is a Native American woman with beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair. Her hair is braided down her back and shaped into bangs on either side of her face, often adorned with colourful hairbands.

13. Kunimitsu

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Katsuhiro Harada

Female Character Detail: Kunimitsu started her career as a minor burglar but later joined the Manji Clan to develop her talents further. She abandoned her Japanese citizenship to remain anonymous, dedicating herself to mastering Manji Ninjutsu and honing her thievery skills.

Despite her aloof demeanour, Kunimitsu seems to have affection for her grandfather, who treated her warmly upon her return from her time with the Manji Clan. Kunimitsu is the tallest female fighter in the game and possesses an athletic physique. She sports red hair tied in ponytails and consistently conceals her face behind distinctive masks.

12. Christie Monteiro

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Xanthe Smith

Female Character Description: Christie, a young Brazilian woman, was raised by her grandfather. Unlike aggressive characters, she embodies a happy and light-hearted nature.

Her motivations for fighting are pure and purposeful, never driven by envy or personal revenge. Instead, she fights for the greater good, setting her apart from others in the series.

Regarding fighting style, her motions closely resemble Eddy’s, except for her basic throws, side throws, and back throws. Physically, Christie has a tan complexion, long brown hair, and light brown eyes. She prefers to fight barefoot, wearing a bikini top and Capoeira trousers as her default costume.

11. Zafina

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Lisle Wilkerson

Female Character Detail: Zafina was born in the Middle East to a family with a long history of spiritual fighters and possessed remarkable spiritual powers. Raised as a guardian of a royal mausoleum, she single-handedly repelled a foreign force that invaded the sacred place a few years ago.

Zafina is a multifaceted and surprising individual relying on her intangible qualities rather than brute strength. Zafina’s intelligence shines through her extensive knowledge of Azazel.

She is a driven woman who strives for success to avoid trouble. With a composed and focused demeanour, she doesn’t let her emotions sway her when carrying out tasks.

10. Lucky Chloe

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Hisako Kanemoto

Character Description: Chloe is depicted as a playful and naughty young girl. She has become a popular sensation as Lucky Chloe, the official ambassador for G Corporation.

As a child, Chloe attended an Expo where she was exposed to Japanese Idol culture, sparking her dream to become an Idol herself. Lucky Chloe possesses swift attacks and a versatile mix-up strategy.

Though her strikes may not be mighty, she excels in executing various combos that lead to significant damage. Lucky Chloe is portrayed as a fashionable girl. She has long blonde hair, possibly reaching her ankles, neatly fashioned into two long ponytails at the centre. Her eyes are turquoise, and she wears adorable Neko-inspired clothing.

9. Master Raven

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Sorcha Chisholm

Female Character Description: Master Raven is a skilled covert spy employed by the United Nations. As a high-ranking official, she leads a team of subordinates who take on dangerous missions.

Her demeanour is composed and distant, solely focused on accomplishing her tasks. Despite sharing similarities with Raven regarding playstyle, Master Raven sets herself apart by displaying mastery in teleportation and wielding a broader range with her sword.

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Master Raven’s nationality remains a mystery, and her physical features, such as brown eyes, brown skin, and black and golden hair pulled into a long ponytail, suggest a possible West, Central, or South African heritage. Over time, she has acquired fading scars on her face from past experiences.

8. Alisa Bosconovitch

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Yuki Matsuoka

Female Character Description: Meet Doctor Bosconovitch, a brilliant Russian doctor who has long searched for a way to bring his daughter back to life. As a result of his research, he created Alisa, a robot designed in his late daughter’s image, name, and personality.

The creation of Alisa took place in a secret Mishima Zaibatsu research lab hidden deep within a forest and overseen by a covert agency directly under Jin Kazama’s command. While some of her techniques may be challenging, most attacks are potent and swift.

Alisa is a sophisticated android who bears a resemblance to a real young girl. She has green eyes and a short, curly haircut with medium-length hair that is half dark pink and half pink. When she falls under Jin’s control, her eyes turn crimson.

7. Jun Kazama

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Shiho Kikuchi

Description of Female Character: Meet Jun, a dedicated wildlife surveillance officer working for the conservation organization W.W.W.C. She hails from the beautiful island of Yakushima, where she was surrounded by nature and learned the ancient Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts passed down through generations in the Kazama family.

Jun’s upbringing on the island also led to the development of impressive psychic abilities. She leans towards a defensive fighting style, utilizing her psychic talents to capitalize on her opponent’s mistakes.

Jun is one of the tallest female characters in the Tekken series. She boasts shoulder-length black hair, complemented by captivating brown eyes. Her hairstyle features bangs that gracefully frame her face, often accompanied by a white headband or scarf.

6. Anna Williams

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Yumi Tōma

Female Character Description: Anna comes from a long line of assassins like Nina. However, their personalities diverge significantly. Unlike Nina, Anna’s demeanour is notably different. She possesses a more carefree and outgoing nature, exuding playfulness and flirtatiousness.

In contrast, Nina tends to be withdrawn, moody, and cold-hearted. Anna’s basic moves pack a powerful punch, yet they are simpler to execute than Nina’s, given Anna’s gentler and less execution-intensive style.

Anna is portrayed as attractive and well-proportioned, with luscious brown or black hair and elegant red and blue attire. Before engaging in combat, she can be seen teasing and taunting her opponents, showcasing her alluring charm.

5. Ling Xiaoyu

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Yumi Tōma

Female Character Description: Xiaoyu is a gentle and cheerful young woman. Her innocence and determination are her most noticeable traits. Despite her skills, Xiaoyu shows excellent strength and commitment when saving Jin.

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She trusts her friend and doesn’t suspect his dark side, believing he can still be redeemed. Xiaoyu utilizes various Chinese martial arts techniques focusing on speed, evasion, and acrobatic moves.

Xiaoyu is a charming Chinese teenager with a sweet appearance. Her black hair is tied in high pigtails, and she has side-parted bangs. Her eyes are a deep brown colour.

4. Emilie De Rochefort

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Rina Satō

Character Description: Lili portrays the classic traits of a spoiled and privileged young girl. She has grown up in luxury as the only child of a wealthy oil magnate, which reflects in her refined gestures and manners.

Despite her snobbish tendencies, she also displays a compassionate side that she usually conceals. Lili holds a special affection for her father. In her fighting style, she seamlessly combines gymnastics with graceful acrobatic movements.

Lili is a tall, blue-eyed teenager with blonde hair styled in a hime cut. Her usual attire is a miniskirt paired with a corset-like top, and she prefers a subtle makeup look.

3. Asuka Kazama

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Ryoko Shiraishi

Character Description: Asuka is a spirited and tough tomboy character. Despite her biography stating that she intervenes in fights, she embraces conflict and finds pleasure in it.

Asuka has been studying Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts under her father’s guidance since she was young. Her mastery of reversal strikes surpasses other characters, with a longer active window for performing them.

Asuka’s appearance includes short, Japanese street-style hair, and she dresses in attire associated with Japanese racing culture. She’s also a curious young individual who enjoys helping others resolve their problems.

2. Kazumi Mishima

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Yumi Hara

Female Character Description: Kazumi is portrayed as a respectful and formal individual. Before challenging her opponents, she courteously bows to them. Her fighting prowess includes powerful punches and precise hand chops.

Additionally, she possesses a unique skill where she overwhelms her adversary with a rapid flurry of blows, ultimately finishing them off with a roundhouse and a straight kick. Notably, she has a pet tiger to summon to aid her in battle.

Kazumi features black hair styled in a large bun, with sharp bangs and two strands of hair on each side of her head adorned with red bows. She applies light makeup with pink eyeshadow and red lipstick for her everyday look.

1. Nina Williams

Tekken Female Characters
Tekken Female Characters

Voice Actor: Ellie McBride

Female Character Description: Nina learned deadly assassination skills from her father and practical self-defence techniques from her mother, who taught her Aikido. Despite her seemingly cold and disinterested demeanour, the truth is that according to Death by Degrees’ timeline, she was once drugged by an underground group during her childhood to mould her into the perfect assassin.

Her father passed away shortly before Tekken 2 and was the only person she ever trusted. Nina’s favourite colour is purple, which she often wears in at least one of the games. She typically styles her hair in a ponytail or braids it. Her complexion has an ivory hue, and she has a slender figure.

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