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Anri Katsu Has Been Cast in the Kingdoms of Ruin Anime to Replace Junya Ikeda

The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Cast

The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Cast

On Wednesday, it was reported that Anri Katsu will be taking over for Junya Ikeda as Oz’s voice actor in the upcoming television anime adaptation of Yoruhashi’s The Kingdoms of Ruin (Hametsu no koku) manga.

A remastered version of the third episode of the anime, which featured the character with dialogue, will be released. Future episodes and the Blu-ray Disc release date are still on their original timetables.

Ikeda was detained for allegedly indulging in fraud on October 26. On October 21, the third episode of the anime debuted.

On October 30, Happy Elements, the company behind the Ensemble Stars! video game and anime series published a statement saying they are currently gathering information before making any decisions on Ikeda. Ikeda lends his voice to Ensemble Stars! regular Mitsuru Tenma.

Besides these two parts, Ikeda has played Millions of Knives in Trigun Stampede, J Kido in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and the six Digimon Adventure tri. movies, and Ataru Suruga in the Majestic Prince series and the Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening anime film.

Both Gokai Silver and Zen the Flame Sword Knight were portrayed by him in the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Garo shows, respectively. After Ikeda’s arrest, the management company BRU released him from his contract.

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