Undead Unluck Anime Confirmed On Hulu: Let’s Experience the Excitement of the Trailer Together!

Following a period of eager anticipation and speculation, the anime adaptation of the popular manga “Undead Unluck” is set to be released later this year. The second teaser trailer has been unveiled, providing more details about the release date, trailer, staff, story, and where to watch this eagerly-awaited series.

“Undead Unluck,” a creation of Yoshifumi Tozuka, gained immense popularity with its one-shot manga in 2019. It quickly turned into a serial sensation in 2020, and even won awards for its unique narrative. The storyline revolves around Fuuko Izumo, a young girl who brings bad luck and death to those around her. As she attempts to end her own life, she meets Andy, an undead being who is desperately seeking death but is unable to achieve it.

Undead Unluck Anime Release Date

The official website for “Undead Unluck” has confirmed that the anime is slated to premiere in October 2023. However, an exact release date is yet to be announced. Fans can look forward to a thrilling and action-filled series that delves into the world of Fuuko and Andy.

A Glimpse of the Undead Unluck Anime Trailer

TMS Entertainment, acclaimed for its exceptional work on “Fire Force,” has released a second teaser trailer. It offers viewers a tantalizing sneak peek into the intense and bloody action sequences that await.

Production Team and Staff of Undead Unluck Anime

The animation for the “Undead Unluck” anime is under the capable hands of David Production, well-known for their work on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” This ensures that the visual quality will be top-tier. TMS Entertainment is in charge of production planning, making it a collaboration full of promise.

The talented team working on the “Undead Unluck” anime includes director Yuki Yase and character designer Hideyuki Morioka. Additionally, Kenichiro Suehiro, celebrated for his work on various anime, will be composing the music, further enhancing the overall experience for fans.

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Voice Cast of Undead Unluck Anime

The vibrant characters of “Undead Unluck” are brought to life by an exceptional voice cast.  Renowned actors lending their talents to the project include:

  • Moe Kahara as Fuuko Izumo
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Andy

Kenji Nomura and Natsuke Hanae will also join the cast, providing their voices for the characters Void and Shen, respectively.

Where to Watch Undead Unluck Anime

For fans who can’t wait to watch the series debut, “Undead Unluck” anime will be available for streaming on Hulu. This will provide easy access to the exciting new anime.

Undead Unluck Anime Storyline

The “Undead Unluck” anime promises to captivate the audience by revealing the unexpected alliance between an undead guy and an unlucky girl. The anime promises an action-packed adventure as Fuuko finds a reason to live despite her bad luck, while Andy discovers someone who can finally end his life and free him from his undead existence.

As the pair embarks on their journey, they will encounter the Union, a mysterious organization that targets individuals with supernatural abilities, known as deniers. The plot will gradually uncover the secrets behind this enigmatic group, adding another layer of mystery to the story.

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