Where to Read Berserk Online? A Guide to Online Reading

Kentaro Miura’s manga continues to grow even after his demise; in fact, the manga has already been confirmed to continue under the supervision of his boyhood buddy Kouji Mori. This is despite the fact that Berserk never received the genuinely spectacular anime adaptation it deserved. After more than three decades and more than three hundred fifty chapters, Berserk is still going strong.

The unsuccessful anime adaptations of Berserk do a terrible job of living up to the manga’s heritage in every aspect, so if you just watch anime, you’ll never know what a great dark fantasy Berserk is. Now looks like a good moment to start reading the Berserk manga, as the tale is progressing at a steady rate of installments.

Where to Read Berserk Online?

Since 1989, the Berserk chapters have appeared intermittently in Hakusensha’s seinen magazine Young Animal, with Dark Horse Comics holding the rights to publish the series in English. Since all 40 volumes of Berserk can be purchased individually or in awesome discounted bundles of four on the official manga page of the Dark Horse website, this is the best spot to read Berserk online right now.

However, Mangadex is the undisputed holy grail if you’re looking for a place to read Berserk online without having to pay a dime. ComiXology, Amazon’s digital comics store, has recently seen a surge in manga acquisitions, and Berserk is among them. Apple iPhone owners are similarly in luck, since the Berserk books can be purchased from Apple Books at the normal price of $8.99 per volume.

What Exactly is the Plot of Berserk?

What Exactly is the Plot of Berserk

Guts is a lone swordsman who travels the dangerous Midlands. He was raised in a brutal and twisted reality. Guts bonds with the mercenary outfit Band of the Hawk after meeting their commander, Griffith. Guts chooses to leave the band after they’ve been on the road together for quite some time.

After a string of misfortunes, Griffith apparently sacrifices his entire band so that he may start again as the evil entity Femto and get revenge on Guts for leaving him. Griffith, in his guise as Femto, is the embodiment of pure evil, committing horrible atrocities as if he were no longer human.

In the aftermath of The Eclipse, a traumatized Guts is branded with a mark that continually attracts demons, setting in motion the events of Berserk. Guts pledges revenge on Griffith while battling swarms of demons on a daily basis, and nothing seems too high a price or danger for him to accept.

Kentaro Miura’s Berserk distinguished out from the crowd of violent comics because of its refusal to tone down the violence. For those who enjoy the macabre, Berserk is a must-read; don’t miss out on the exciting adventures of The Black Swordsman.

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