Where to Watch Berserk 1997: What Exactly Happens in the Berserk Anime?

One of the most well-viewed dark fantasy anime series is Berserk. There is a lot of exciting action, interesting characters, and exciting storylines. Golden Age Arc, Golden Age Arc II, and Golden Age Arc iii are the three films that make up the Golden Age trilogy of the Beserk franchise.

You’ve found the right post, as we’ll tell you where to watch Berserk, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just interested about the series and want to check out one episode or two.

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What Exactly Happens in the Berserk Anime?

What Exactly Happens in the Berserk Anime

The original Berserk manga served as inspiration for all three films. The anime is faithful to the manga in terms of narrative and character development.

Guts, the protagonist of Berserk, is a youngster whose mother was hung after his birth. He is an expert swordsman since mercenaries raised him and taught him how to use one from an early age. He has to escape when he kills his adoptive father and mentor in self-defense.

Years later, Griffith, the head of another mercenary organization of vicious outlaws known as The Band of Hawks, is intrigued by Guts’ notoriety. Griffith’s primary combatant quickly became Guts. The King of the Midland Kingdom hires the Band of Hawks to serve as his personal bodyguard during a bloody century-long war against an aggressive neighboring Empire.

Guts learns that Griffith has the ambition to found his own empire and is secretly empowered by a magical necklace. While Guts develops a love for Casca, a fellow commander, Griffith begins to mix with the nobles of the Midland Kingdom and meets Charlotte, the daughter of the King.

Guts quits the band after they win the Midland battle. Griffith is utterly broken and spirals into destruction. They round up Griffith and the rest of the Band of Hawks and torture him into a silent, hunched-over wreck.

When Guts discovers what happened to the band from a mysterious figure he names the Skull Knight, he abandons his training to rescue Griffith and reconnect with Casca.

Griffith uses his necklace to take the band to another reality, where he exchanges his human form to become an archdemon of a gang called the God Hand and acquires horrible power. The only way for him to succeed is to lead his bandmates astray and sacrifice themselves in a ritual called the Eclipse. It’s down to Guts and Casca now.

Casca is so traumatized that she reverts to a childlike state of mind, while Guts loses an eye and his left forearm. Both of them bear death marks, and demons will pursue them until they are dead. Guts entrusts Casca to a friend and sets out for vengeance on Griffith with his new blade, Dragonslayer, and a prosthetic arm equipped with a cannon.

The Black Swordsman is the appellation given to Guts. Guts, assuming the identity of the Black Swordsman, sets off on a mission to oppose and confront his horrific destiny. On his apparently endless search for retribution, he will encounter some unexpected allies along the road and confront enormous risks.

Battle, bloodshed, and tense episodes characterize this film series.

Where to Watch Berserk 1997?

Now that you know more about the plot of the Berserk anime series, we’ll provide a rundown of where you can find episodes online.

HBO Max does not presently carry any of the Berserk movies or the Berserk anime, so if you want to view the series, you’ll need to subscribe to a service like Crunchyroll or Netflix.

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